2021 Physician Assistant Study Strategies from PAs Who Used Rosh Review

February 1, 2021
Ready to start 2021 with a solid study plan for PA school? These PAs recently shared how Rosh Review helped them pass their exams and how to use Qbanks for didactic year, clinical year, and beyond! Read their top study tips (such as creating your own tables, charts, and visuals to help retain the information before diving into a Qbank), check out their videos, and sign up for a free trial if you’re ready to try the Qbanks yourself.

Aaron Angkor, PA-C

Aaron says eight Rosh questions a day makes you a better PA! But don’t jump into a Qbank without learning the material first. One resource he recommends is the Rapid Review for PA books. When you have a good foundation of knowledge and are ready for a Qbank, Aaron says the PANCE Qbank explanations are thorough, and visuals help make connections with the material. Make sure to do the bonus One Step Further questions at the end of the explanations to dig deeper into the topic.

Heenal Gandhi, PA-S

During didactic year, Heenal made her own anatomy images to help her learn the material, and she recommends creating tables to organize the information you learn. Toward the end of didactic year, she started researching Qbanks and chose Rosh Review to use during her rotations. Make sure to thoroughly review the answer choice explanations, memory aids, and visual diagrams to help reinforce information.

Kayla Boehm, PA-S

Do you get anxious wondering how topics will be tested on the exam? So does Kayla, but she prepared for her didactic exams and rotation exams with Rosh Review. She recommends reviewing the detailed answer explanations and the visuals that show a breakdown of each topic.

Alaa Barbour, PA-S

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♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依

Alaa uses review books to learn pertinent info about a topic and creates condensed charts to organize what she’s learned. She ties everything together with Rosh Review Qbanks because the visuals and detailed explanations boost her comprehension and recall.

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