Rosh Review Discounts, Promo Codes, and Coupons for 2022

January 6, 2022
“Can I get a Rosh Review discount?” This is a common question…with an uncommon answer:  maybe.
Most of the available discounts are for the graduate medical education, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner programs that use Rosh Review to help their residents and students succeed. We’re passionate about aligning with organizations that want to elevate their profession using Rosh Review content, technology, and analytics, and we co-invest with those who take academics to the next level. If you’re interested in an individual discount, you aren’t likely to get one (but there are good reasons for this!).

Individual Discounts and Discount Codes

Discounts for individuals are not available, unless you’re active military, attend a specific medical conference, or are part of a large group of individuals who invest in one package and would like to purchase another (e.g., graduating residents with an in-training exam package who want to buy the initial certification package). Discounted subscriptions are also available for graduating residents whose program has a subscription, so they can bridge the gap between training and a new career. Otherwise, if you’re looking for a coupon code for your individual subscription, you won’t find one. However, one exception to this is if you didn’t pass your boards and are preparing to retake the exam.

Pass Guarantee for the Boards

The Pass Guarantee is just what it sounds like: a promise that you will pass your boards. We provide a free subscription to anyone who didnt pass the boards, whether you were already using Rosh Review or not. Even if you prepared for your exam using another Qbank or attended an on-site class, you’re eligible for a free Rosh Review subscription! And if you did prepare with a Rosh Qbank, your subscription is extended for free until you pass. 

Not passing your certification exam can be devastating, but it shouldn’t signal the end of your journey. You can fail a written exam and still be a great clinician. This is why the Pass Guarantee exists: because we’ve experienced the self-doubt that comes with a short-term loss and the power of knowing someone believes in you. Having someone on your side can empower you to achieve more. We are those people! Your success is important to us, and we will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals.  

If you’ve hit a speed bump on your journey and need a boost of confidence, listen to Michelle’s story. She changed her life. Her success continues to inspire us.

Group Discounts

If you gather 10 or more of your colleagues (within the same program, residency, or health care system), you will earn a 10% group discount. And this might end up benefiting your whole program! Program directors quickly notice that many of their students and residents use Rosh Review, and they investigate. Once they find out about the expansive offerings of the program dashboard, which includes dozens of assessments and mock exams in addition to detailed analytics and user insights, they often purchase it for their entire program. Those programs succeed with higher pass rates, and individuals get more content and subsidized subscriptions.

Program Discounts

Program discounts are available for medical residencies, PA programs, NP programs, medical school clerkships, practice groups, and health care systems. The pricing is based on the number of individuals in a program and the types of assessment exams included on the program dashboard.

Selecting the right Qbank for a program is a big decision that impacts many individuals, and Rosh Review might not be the best fit for your program. To reduce risk, the free program trial includes unlimited access to all Qbank questions (for every individual in the program), the program dashboard, and assessments. You need to make sure this choice is right for your entire program.  

Member Discounts

Organizations that align with our mission to help elevate the specialty also earn Rosh Review discounts. We partner with the Emergency Medicine Residents Association (EMRA), Society of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants (SEMPA), and American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners (AAENP), for example—organizations that create new standards of excellence and share best practices.

Why Can’t Everyone Get a Discount?

Some people will not fit into the discount categories outlined above. Our main pricing philosophy is to provide more value than we capture. From experience, you probably don’t complain about paying for something really good—a product that delivers on its promises. You might also know what it feels like to purchase something cheap that doesn’t deliver. We strongly believe we’ll have a greater impact on the world by striving to elevate our game—racing to the top, not the bottom.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

– Warren Buffett

This can be difficult because innovation is harder to pursue (in the short term) compared to the tempting quick wins that come from sales gimmicks. You’re probably familiar with the marketing tricks: flash sales, Black Friday deals, or inflating prices to show big discounts. These lead to a kind of death spiral. More discounting means cutting corners on content breadth and accuracy, limiting or eliminating customer support, providing shaky technology infrastructure, and not updating tired software interfaces, which leads to more discounting. We don’t want to participate in this.

The Rosh Review Goal: Priced Below the Value Received

With Rosh Review, you’ll experience a tremendous amount of quality content, technology, and support. The value far exceeds the price. Additionally, if we provide a discount for one person, it should be available to all people. So the price is not only fair but is actually underpriced for the value you receive. We try to keep prices affordable and realize that some individuals will not choose Rosh Review. That’s okay! There are many Qbank options for all types of learners.

Simply put, the highest levels of commitment and quality cost more. If you choose Rosh Review, you’ll experience superior content, detailed analytics, innovative technology, personalized customer support, an ever-expanding lineup of complementary educational tools (like blog posts and videos), and Quiz for a Cause. You’ll also be supporting the Rosh Global Foundation and expanding international medical education. To maintain this level of commitment, we have a team of more than 100 people, including practicing physicians, PAs, NPs, developers, data scientists, illustrators, copy editors, video editors, audio editors, educational sales specialists, and administrators. Subscription fees support our mission, pay employees a fair wage, and allow us to continually invest in your success.

Many of us have left industries that come with high compensation—finance (hedge funds), pharma, high-tech—to pursue a mission to change the world through medical education. Now, our time is invested in something personally fulfilling: helping students, residents, and clinicians reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

Heartfelt Hugs and Compensation

Do we truly believe Rosh Review can help change the world? You bet. We see it every day. We consistently receive hugs (both virtual and in person, when conferences allowed for that) from complete strangers thanking us for the work we do. Many of them are in tears. Hundreds of grateful customers reach out on a monthly basis. This customer feedback is so inspiring that we created a Slack #customerfeedback channel—one of the most watched channels inside Rosh Review. Your success is our joy.

Clinicians might experience this type of gratitude frequently. Those of us in nonclinical roles (e.g., developers, sales specialists, designers, and customer support) have rarely experienced this type of affirmation in our careers. A corporate paycheck can’t compete with receiving heartfelt hugs and direct customer appreciation.

The Rosh Review Business Model

Business models directly impact pricing models, so it’s important to share ours. Businesses are built along these three main disciplines:

  • Operational Excellence – Streamline business processes, deliver the lowest cost with the highest efficiency. Think Amazon.
  • Customer Intimacy – Understand your customer. Tailor product or service to specific individual needs with concierge service. Think Nordstrom.
  • Product Innovation – Deliver state-of-the-art technologies, innovate, raise the bar even if you make your current product obsolete. Think Apple.

Our goal is to focus on one specific discipline to provide the most value. If a company tries to pursue multiple disciplines to serve all customers, it will fail to serve anyone. Who has figured out how to provide a Nordstrom-like experience with Amazon discounts? Our primary discipline is product innovation with a minor in customer intimacy (we can’t help ourselves…people appreciate good customer support!).

Product Innovation

With the product innovation discipline, our primary focus is to look within and outside the industry to help learners succeed. We bring in collaborators to help tackle big issues and go one step further. And by building business processes, we can create, build, and deliver advances quickly. That’s why we currently focus on big data analytics, score prediction, and mobile technologies. Bottom line: we choose to invest in innovation.

How Do Costs Stay Low?

Just because a company pursues product innovation, it shouldn’t neglect operational excellence. We value systems thinking and the interconnectedness of processes, letting humans do what humans do best (and letting machines do the rest). We show more respect to our team and customers, and expenses can be reduced through automation.

Rosh Review is a remote-first company, meaning everyone works from wherever they’re most comfortable: home, a cafe, or maybe in nature. This means zero expenses for headquarter lease payments, cushy leather chairs, sculptures in a lobby, or budget for large holiday parties. We buy refurbished computer equipment and replace most travel with video conferencing. So where does all of this saved money get invested? You guessed it—product innovation, which includes content, technology, and support.

Does Rosh Review Care About Learners?

Absolutely. We’ve considered focusing on the customer intimacy discipline after hearing feedback from learners. The clinicians who struggle with questions or need clarification are connected with Rosh Review doctors, PAs, and NPs and leave the most inspiring comments. There is clearly a need for one-on-one coaching and instruction that’s not being met by the market. However, our core strength continues to be product innovation around the content creation, delivery, and analytics. We’ll do the heavy lifting in these areas so faculty, attendings, and preceptors can provide bedside teaching.

Will Rosh Review Content Ever Be Completely Free?

With the right business model, we would give our content away for free. Where possible, we already do:

  • The Rosh Global Foundation provides free content to support international medical education (more than 500 students benefit)
  • Free Foundations of EM assessments are available on the Rosh dashboard, through our support of Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM)
  • Free assessments were created to support the STFM/AFMRD Residency Curriculum Resource
  • The Quiz for a Cause helps address the world’s most pressing health crises, such as human trafficking, interpersonal violence and sexual assault, and COVID-19

We value customers who choose quality first. And we stand by your side—in good times and bad—on your medical education journey. 

In the end, Rosh Review relies on you: passionate, dedicated learners who seek the highest-quality educational content. In return, our commitment is to help you reach your goals and achieve your dreams. We will continue to innovate, support, and build products that enable your success.

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