The Rosh Reveal Podcast: Ep10

Welcome to the next episode of The Reveal where we take you inside the mind of a test-taker to deconstruct and connect the dots of a board-style question so you can become a better student, transform how you learn, and excel not only on high-stakes exams, but also in your general medical knowledge. Let’s get started.

An 18-month-old boy presents with his father for a cough and difficulty breathing. The father states that the child has had nasal congestion and coryza for the last two days. On exam, he has a barking cough, inspiratory stridor, and a prolonged inspiratory phase. Which of the following would you expect to see on radiographic evaluation?

A) Edema of the epiglottis

B) Intraluminal membranes of the tracheal wall

C) Subglottic narrowing

D) Thickening of the retropharyngeal space

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