Top 3 Critical Resources for the Online, Open-Book ABEM ConCert™ Exam

January 5, 2022
Through fall 2022, ABEM is still offering the emergency medicine recertification (ConCert™) exam in an online, open-book format.

Review this list of the best resources available to use from home:


  • Massive database
  • Relatively easy to navigate
  • Free if you have access through your institution

EM:RAP CorePendium

  • Emergency medicine focused
  • Covers a broad range of topics
  • Topic information nicely segmented on page

Rosh Review

  • Search feature allows you to quickly and easily find answers in a Q&A format
  • Content based on ConCert Exam blueprint
  • High-yield illustrations summarize exam topics

Watch emergency medicine physician Adam Rosh answer a question about ethylene glycol.

How much time is allowed to complete the ABEM (online, open-book) ConCert Exam?

A total of 5 hours and 15 minutes with actual testing approximately 4 hours and 45 minutes.

The 30-minute difference is used for other activities such as honor code attestation, test tutorial, and an optional end-of-exam survey.

How many questions are on the online, open-book ConCert Exam?

Approximately 190 multiple-choice questions.

Will the online, open-book ConCert Exam be proctored?

No. You attest to an honor code.

What are the ABEM (online, open-book) ConCert Exam dates in 2022?

The exam will be offered in the spring and fall.

Spring dates: April 1–21, 2022.

Fall dates: October 4–24, 2022. Note: this is the last chance to take the ConCert Exam before it is retired.

When is registration open for the 2022 online, open-book ConCert Exam?

For the spring exam, registration is open January 18–March 15, 2022.

For the fall exam, registration is from July 14–September 15, 2022.

How can I renew my certification after the ConCert Exam is retired?

After the 2022 ConCert exam windows, the new standard for recertification will be MyEMCert.

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