Our vision

Disparity in medical education around the world exists for a multitude of reasons; a lack of educational materials should not be one of them. An advancement in the standards of international medical education can allow for a generation of more informed healthcare workers and above all better patient outcomes worldwide. By collaborating with international programs, we envision high quality medical education to be accessible to all.

What we are doing

Rosh Review wants to change the face of access to medical education. With improvements in technology, wireless connections, and devices around the world, we want to increase availability to high quality study materials to medical trainees globally. Our pledge is to give free access to the Rosh Review Qbank to those international trainees facing challenges in securing dependable and up to date medical education resources. The goal is to allow for improvement in knowledge base therefore elevating the standard of practice and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Social Responsibility

It will not be one person, one organization or one question bank that will change the face of medical education. It will be a collaboration between medical education programs near and far, medical institutes, governments and at the core of it, the people training and those that have completed this journey. We, as a company, are driven to inspire this collaborative idea of a social responsibility to exist in our medical community. The responsibility to continually support and commit to our colleagues around the world. We want to break down barriers to medical education training to allow improvements in patient care worldwide. We do not want access to have to be a privilege.

“With rare exceptions, all of your most important achievements on this planet will come from working with others—or, in a word, partnership.”

Paul Farmer

A step towards ending inequalities in medical education internationally and ultimately improving patient care worldwide.

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