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Hospital São Lucas da PUC-RS, Brazil

Tthe Hospital de Pronto-Socorro in Porto Alegre created, in 1996, the first residency of the EM specialty in Brazil. This pioneering program was an important step for the advancement of Emergency Medicine. It was also for a period of more than a decade the only one in the entire country, educating Brazil’s first emergency physicians by training pioneers who dedicated themselves to developing the specialty in the years that followed. After facing great resistance, the efforts and coordination of these professionals led to finally in 2015, the Scientific Council of Specialties of AMB included Emergency Medicine among recognized medical specialties. This event finally provided deserved recognition for emergency medicine not only as a discipline but as an independent area of practice. This led in subsequent years to a great emergence of residency programs in various hospitals in the country, including our residency at Hospital São Lucas da PUCRS. Due to the short history of the specialty in Brazil, there has not been much time for developing continuing education tools. Despite this, there is a great interest and search by residents and emergency medicine community members for sources that provide professional training complementation. In this context, a platform like Rosh Review is extremely beneficial.

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to have access to the platform and praise you for the quality of the content available on it. With this access, it will certainly be a valuable tool to improve our learning, contributing in various ways to the improvement of our training. Directly, it contributes through the content provided, which is of very high and consistent quality, based on evidence, with very relevant exercises that help to objectively evaluate our knowledge, covering various aspects of the approach to the critically ill patient in all its spectrum of severity, from clinical reasoning to propaedeutics. In addition, it also represents a great example of a digital tool to promote continuing education, both during the period of medical residency and beyond its completion as a way of updating scientific knowledge and continuous professional improvement.

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