Self-Assessment - General PA


  • 400 NCCPA-formatted questions with explanations written with love
  • Satisfies NCCPA Certification Maintenance requirements
  • Earn 20 AAPA Category 1 Self-Assessment CME credits

Self-Assessment - Emergency Medicine


  • 400 NCCPA-formatted questions with explanations written with love
  • Satisfies NCCPA Certification Maintenance requirements
  • Earn 20 AAPA Category 1 Self-Assessment CME credits

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Get a little more clarification

How do I earn CME with Rosh Review?
If you sign up for an account that is linked to CME, here’s what you need to do:
  • Complete either all the questions or 1,000 questions in your Qbank (depending on your package)
Once that’s complete, here’s how to claim and download your certificate:
  • Go to the Account Settings tab (only on desktop/laptop)
  • Select Claim next to the subscription package name (see an example)
  • Complete the survey
  • Download your certificate
You’ll earn up to 100 AMA PRA Cat 1 CME credits.
What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, and gold bars (just kidding—please don’t try this. It sounds heavy.)

If you’d like to pay with PayPal, send an email to for a payment link.
Which package should I purchase?
You should purchase the package that matches the exam you’re preparing to take.

For example, if you're a resident preparing for the Initial Certification Exam, the Initial Certification Exam Qbank will prepare you for the actual test better than the In-Training Exam Qbank will. (But note that resident Qbanks do not offer CME and contain fewer questions overall than the attending Qbanks.) Similarly, if you're a PA student who is studying for your rotation exams and would also like to prep for the PANCE within the next year, the Rotation Exam & PANCE Qbank Bundle will better prepare you than a single Qbank will.

Select the length of time you'd like your subscription to last, if available (such as 1 year, 90 days, or 30 days) and then the package that contains what you're looking for. Basic typically includes the Qbank on its own, while Standard or Premium contains other items such as CME or the Peak Performance course.

Sign up for a free trial first to make sure you love your Qbank before purchasing.

If you don’t see a package that aligns with your specialty or training level, email for guidance.
Who writes the questions and explanations?
The finest people around! Question writers are board-certified clinicians who have all performed well on their certification exams. Answer explanations are derived from the specialty’s authoritative resources with some personal input to simplify the material and synthesize it for greatest comprehension and recall.

If you’re interested in becoming a question writer, tell us a bit about yourself and we'll be in touch.
Can I use my subscription from multiple devices and locations?
Phone...laptop...tablet...yep! You can access your subscription from as many locations and as many devices as you want and have. However, we recommend starting and completing exams on a single device.

Keep in mind that sharing accounts is not allowed, so simultaneous logins are not allowed. Any abuse of the Terms & Conditions will result in cancellation of your account.

Please download the mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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