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PANCE/PANRE Review Course

Prepare to pass your exams on the first take.

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A student on her laptop watches two instructors teach about Diverticulosis via Zoom as part of Rosh Review’s live PANCE Review Course.

Live PANCE/PANRE Review Course

What Makes Our Review Course So Different
Engaging Classes

No boring slide decks! We've screened the best instructors for their PANCE/PANRE/PANRE-LA knowledge and their ability to keep you engaged with 30 hours (7.5 hours per day) of dynamic, interactive classes.

Two Instructors

Our classrooms feature a dual PA instructor model; inviting you to join engaging classroom sessions with two PANCE/PANRE/PANRE-LA experts who personally understand the challenges of both exams.

Interactive Materials

Get digital access to handouts that align with each class and help you retain information through illustrations, note-taking spaces, and questions to check your comprehension.

Questions & Exams

Target your studies and instill confidence with PANCE questions (570 for the PANCE Package, or 970 for the PANRE/PANRE-LA+ CME Package) that are just like the boards, including a PANCE/PANRE/PANRE-LA diagnostic exam, a full-length mock exam, and daily assessments on material covered.

Advanced Analytics

Pinpoint and improve your weaknesses with Rosh Review’s powerful analytics that show the areas you need to concentrate on to pass your exam. 

100% Pass Guarantee!

We believe in you, and with the PANCE/PANRE Review Course, we’re confident you will pass. But if you complete this course and don’t pass, we’ve got you covered with our refund policy.

Upcoming Courses and Pricing

We offer different packages for PANCE and PANRE/PANRE-LA learners so you can get exactly what you need to pass your exam.


PANCE Package


  • 4 days (30 hours) of live content review
  • Two instructors live on camera
  • 570 PANCE-style practice questions
    • Diagnostic exam
    • Daily assessments
    • Full-length Mock PANCE Exam
  • High-quality digital handouts
  • Powerful performance analytics
  • 100% Pass Guarantee!
June 12-15
8:30 am-5:00pm CT
July 17-20
8:30 am-5:00pm CT*
*Time subject to minor changes
August 7-10
8:30 am-5:00pm CT*
*Time subject to minor changes




  • Earn 20 CME credits
  • 4 days (30 hours) of live content review
  • Two instructors live on camera
  • 970 PANRE-style practice questions
    • Diagnostic exam
    • Daily assessments
    • Full-length mock PANRE/PANRE-LA Exam
    • AAPA Self Assessment CME Qbank
  • High-quality digital handouts
  • Powerful performance analytics
  • 100% Pass Guarantee!
June 12-15
8:30 am-5:00pm CT
July 17-20
8:30 am-5:00pm CT*
*Time subject to minor changes
August 7-10
8:30 am-5:00pm CT*
*Time subject to minor changes

Institutional Group Discounts

Request more information or meet with our team to learn about group discounts and institutional benefits.
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Get ready for your exam in just four days days

In our live PANCE/PANRE Review Course, you will receive a total of 30 hours (7.5 hours per day) of engaging prep led by Rosh Review PA experts. We make the most of your time so that you learn high-yield topics that follow NCCPA PANCE, PANRE/PANRE-LA Blueprints in a short comprehensive span.


Sample Schedule

The schedule for Rosh Review’s PANCE Review course is four days starting from 8:30am CT to 5:00pm CT. There will be time for breaks and lunch and there will be required homework each night.


Practice questions, live online class resources, performance metrics, & more! 

AAll your course accompaniment materials are designed with engagement and learning science principles in mind, along with Rosh Review’s decade-long expertise in PANCE and PANRE prep. Course material follows NCCPA PANCE, PANRE/PANRE-LA Blueprints, with a focus on high-yield topics that will help you pass your exam.

Practice Questions

Practice with 570 Rosh Review questions (or 970 if you’re purchasing the PANRE/PANRE-LA Package) designed to simulate the real exam accompanied by our detailed explanations and illustrations.

Powerful Analytics

See your growth with assignment score reports that provide deep insight into your strengths and opportunities for improvement on the exam.

Digital Resources

Stay on track with a daily PDF schedule for the live course and digital access to handouts that align with the content covered in each presentation.


We hire the best PA instructors and PANCE/PANRE experts

Two instructors are always live on camera, here are just a few:

Michael A. Sharma, MPAS, PA-C

University of Nebraska Medical Center, 2010

Michael practices emergency medicine and urgent care medicine in Dallas, TX. He has been teaching medical practitioners since becoming a PA in 2010 and as a current adjunct professor of PA Studies, he leads an interactive classroom environment to help PA students learn to pass the PANCE/PANRE/PANRE-LA exam.

Carolyn Jahr, DMSc, PA-C

Springfield College, 2008

Carolyn is a PA with 15 years of clinical experience in general surgery and surgical subspecialties, 8 years of PA education experience, and a Doctor of Medical Science degree with a concentration in Education. She is dedicated to helping PAs achieve academic and professional success by breaking down PANCE/PANRE/PANRE-LA questions and ensuring students feel confident in their abilities.

Avery Christian, PA-C

Indiana University-Purdue University, 2017

Avery has been an Emergency Medicine practitioner for 5 years. She has experience as a PA tutor and tutee, and believes in instilling confidence in her students. Avery aims to give back to the community that supported her during her PANCE studies and is committed to paying it forward to the next generation of medical professionals.

Sara Lewis, PA-C

Bryant University, 2020

Sara is a passionate and experienced tutor with a track record of creating effective study materials and boosting test scores. As a practicing PA in Hospitalist Medicine, she brings real-world experience to her teaching and is committed to helping students succeed.

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