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PANCE/PANRE Review Course

Prepare to pass your exams on the first take.

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A student on her laptop watches two instructors teach about Diverticulosis via Zoom as part of Rosh Review’s live PANCE Review Course.

Live PANCE/PANRE Review Course

What Makes Our Review Course So Different
Engaging Classes

No boring slide decks! We've screened the best instructors for their PANCE/PANRE/PANRE-LA knowledge and their ability to keep you engaged with 30 hours (7.5 hours per day) of dynamic, interactive classes.

Two Instructors

Our classrooms feature a dual PA instructor model; inviting you to join engaging classroom sessions with two PANCE/PANRE/PANRE-LA experts who personally understand the challenges of both exams.

Interactive Materials

Get digital access to handouts that align with each class and help you retain information through illustrations, note-taking spaces, and questions to check your comprehension.

Questions & Exams

Target your studies and instill confidence with PANCE questions (570 for the PANCE Package, or 970 for the PANRE/PANRE-LA+ CME Package) that are just like the boards, including a PANCE/PANRE/PANRE-LA diagnostic exam, a full-length mock exam, and daily assessments on material covered.

Advanced Analytics

Pinpoint and improve your weaknesses with Rosh Review’s powerful analytics that show the areas you need to concentrate on to pass your exam. 

100% Pass Guarantee!

We believe in you, and with the PANCE/PANRE Review Course, we’re confident you will pass. But if you complete this course and don’t pass, we’ve got you covered with our refund policy.

Upcoming Courses and Pricing

We offer different packages for PANCE and PANRE/PANRE-LA learners so you can get exactly what you need to pass your exam.


PANCE Package


  • 4 days (30 hours) of live content review
  • Two instructors live on camera
  • 570 PANCE-style practice questions
    • Diagnostic exam
    • Daily assessments
    • Full-length Mock PANCE Exam
  • High-quality digital handouts
  • Powerful performance analytics
  • 100% Pass Guarantee!
October 23-27
8:30am-3:30pm CT
*5-day course
November 13-16
8:30am-5:00pm CT
December 4-7
8:00am-5:00pm CT
January 22-25
8:00am-5:00pm CT




  • Earn 20 CME credits
  • 4 days (30 hours) of live content review
  • Two instructors live on camera
  • 970 PANRE-style practice questions
    • Diagnostic exam
    • Daily assessments
    • Full-length mock PANRE/PANRE-LA Exam
    • AAPA Self Assessment CME Qbank
  • High-quality digital handouts
  • Powerful performance analytics
  • 100% Pass Guarantee!
October 23-27
8:30am-3:30pm CT
*5-day course
November 13-16
8:30am-5:00pm CT
December 4-7
8:00am-5:00pm CT
January 22-25
8:00am-5:00pm CT

Institutional Group Discounts

Request more information or meet with our team to learn about group discounts and institutional benefits.
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Get ready for your exam in just four days days

In our live PANCE/PANRE Review Course, you will receive a total of 30 hours (7.5 hours per day) of engaging prep led by Rosh Review PA experts. We make the most of your time so that you learn high-yield topics that follow NCCPA PANCE, PANRE/PANRE-LA Blueprints in a short comprehensive span.


Sample Schedule

The schedule for Rosh Review’s PANCE Review course is four days starting from 8:30am CT to 5:00pm CT. There will be time for breaks and lunch and there will be required homework each night.


Practice questions, live online class resources, performance metrics, & more! 

All your course accompaniment materials are designed with engagement and learning science principles in mind, along with Rosh Review’s decade-long expertise in PANCE and PANRE prep. Course material follows NCCPA PANCE, PANRE/PANRE-LA Blueprints, with a focus on high-yield topics that will help you pass your exam.

Practice Questions

Practice with 570 Rosh Review questions (or 970 if you’re purchasing the PANRE/PANRE-LA Package) designed to simulate the real exam accompanied by our detailed explanations and illustrations.

Powerful Analytics

See your growth with assignment score reports that provide deep insight into your strengths and opportunities for improvement on the exam.

Digital Resources

Stay on track with a daily PDF schedule for the live course and digital access to handouts that align with the content covered in each presentation.


We hire the best PA instructors and PANCE/PANRE experts

Two instructors are always live on camera, here are just a few:

Michael A. Sharma, MPAS, PA-C

University of Nebraska Medical Center, 2010

Michael A. Sharma, MPAS, PA-C, an experienced PA practicing emergency and urgent care medicine in Dallas, TX, thinks questions on standardized medical exams are like evil agents from the iconic film The Matrix. Every question is based in a world that is built on rules, and he loves to teach students how to twist those rules to their advantage. He creates an interactive and energetic classroom environment, helping students build a solid medical knowledge foundation for exams and beyond. Since 2010, he has been teaching medical practitioners and in 2016, he started tutoring and instructing PA students and practicing PAs to excel in their PA National Certification and Recertification Exam (PANCE/PANRE). Michael successfully utilized his own preparation process to overcome his PANRE in 2016. Currently, he is slicing and dicing his way through the at-home PANRE-LA.

Additionally, he is an adjunct professor of PA Studies, co-hosts “The 2 View: EM PAs & NPs” podcast (, and regularly lectures nationally and internationally. He is a U.S. Army veteran and a graduate of the Interservice PA Program and Texas A&M University. He enjoys connecting with medical professionals via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (@michaelsharmapa).

Carolyn Jahr, DMSc, PA-C

Springfield College, 2008

Carolyn is a PA with 15 years of clinical practice experience in general surgery and several surgical subspecialties, but can remember taking her PANCE exam like it was yesterday! In addition to her clinical work, she has 8 years of experience in PA education and a Doctor of Medical Science degree with a concentration in Education. She has also re-certified with the traditional PANRE. She is a proud first generation college student and is passionate about helping the next generation of PAs achieve academic and professional success.

Carolyn knows the importance of creating a supportive and collaborative learning environment and especially enjoys finding ways to make complex medical topics approachable, engaging, and fun. You can rely on Carolyn to use her educational expertise to help you learn how to break down those clinical vignette-style PANCE and PANRE questions like a pro, and also get the important concepts behind them. Whether you are working towards initial certification with the PANCE or recertifying with the PANRE, her goal is to make sure you feel prepared and confident to tackle the test- and your PA career. Outside of academics and clinical work, you can find Carolyn traveling and enjoying time with her husband and two young children.

Avery Christian, PA-C

Indiana University-Purdue University, 2017

After practicing Emergency Medicine for five years, Avery has developed a passion for educating others in a manner that brings medical knowledge to life. Throughout her Emergency Medicine Fellowship, she presented engaging lectures by sharing essential clinical pearls. Avery fondly recalls her time as both a tutor and a tutee during her Physician Assistant (PA) School days, and the fulfillment that the experience brought her.

A key aspect of Avery's teaching philosophy involves instilling confidence in others, enabling them to perform at their best. She joined Blueprint to give back to the community that supported her during her PANCE studies. Avery firmly believes in the transformative power of tutoring and is committed to paying it forward to the next generation of medical professionals.

Outside of her professional life, Avery enjoys spending time outdoors with her dog, Fig, and her husband. She is also an avid traveler and has a penchant for baking.

Sara Lewis, MPAS, PA-C

Bryant University, 2020

Sara is an excited, fun-loving, and friendly tutor who has always had a passion for teaching and helping others. Sara began her love of teaching and tutoring in PA school where she tutored fellow classmates struggling in didactic year, taught fellow classmates point of care ultrasound exams, and mentored local high school students interested in the medical field. Sara would often make study guides and practice questions that were used by her entire class and she loves a good competition so feel free to challenge her at any time. Sara is very patient but will also do her very best to draw the best student and test-taker out of you. Sara often gets into the mindset of the examiner or the person writing exam questions and hopefully she will be able to teach you the skills and best mindset to be in while taking exams. You will often hear Sara saying focus on the high-yield information and ignore the fluff to be the most successful and to see the greatest improvement of your test scores.

Sara has been working as a PA in Hospitalist Medicine since 2020 and loves her job and even takes PA students going through their clinical rotations already. In her spare time she loves going to trivia, playing soccer, and going to bingo. Sara will help you buckle down, become the best student and test-taker you can be and cannot wait to celebrate all your victories with you.

“Very personable teachers who are easy to follow and capture my attention for the entire session.”

Kylee M.

Former PANCE/PANRE Review Course Student

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