Pre-PA Anatomy Qbank


  • 375 questions and explanations written with love
  • Learn basic & advanced anatomy
  • Build your foundation and launch your career in medicine

Pre-PA Physiology Qbank


  • 135 questions and explanations written with love
  • Get ahead with physiology
  • Build your foundation and launch your career in medicine

Pre-PA Medical Terminology Qbank


  • 150 questions and explanations written with love
  • Familiarize yourself with medical terminology
  • Build your foundation and launch your career in medicine

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I've tried a number of different companies and have found that Rosh is one of the best. I'll be sure to resubscribe in the future. Thank you for a great product.


Get a little more clarification

Which package should I purchase?
You should purchase the package that matches the exam you’re preparing to take. For example, if you're a resident preparing for the Initial Certification Exam, the Initial Certification Exam Qbank will prepare you for the actual test better than the In-Training Exam Qbank will. But note that resident Qbanks do not offer CME and contain fewer questions overall than the attending Qbanks. Sign up for a free trial first to make sure you love your Qbank before purchasing.If you don’t see a package that aligns with your specialty or training level, email us at for guidance.
Do you offer a free trial?
Absolutely! You can try out a number of sample questions in the actual app by creating a free account (no billing information required—we promise). You will get a fully functional account, forever, with a limited number of questions. If you love it, you can easily purchase a full content subscription. You won't be charged at any point during your trial until you make a purchase.
Can I use my subscription from multiple devices and locations?
Phone...laptop...tablet...yep! You can access your subscription from as many locations and as many devices as you want and have. However, we recommend starting and completing exams on a single device.Keep in mind that sharing accounts is not allowed, so simultaneous logins are not allowed. Any abuse of the Terms & Conditions will result in cancellation of your account.Please download the mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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