• Psychiatry Shelf Exam Qbank
    (500 questions)
    • Available as an individual Qbank for 30 or 90 days (Basic package)
  • Shelf Exam Bundle
    (3,000 questions)
    • Emergency Medicine Shelf Exam Qbank (500 questions)
    • Family Medicine Shelf Exam Qbank
      (500 questions)
    • General Surgery Shelf Exam Qbank
      (500 questions)
    • Internal Medicine Shelf Exam Qbank
      (500 questions)
    • OB/GYN Shelf Exam Qbank
      (500 questions)
    • Pediatrics Shelf Exam Qbank
      (500 questions)
  • Peak Performance Course
    • Learn how to plan, prepare, and succeed on any high-stakes exam ($898 value)
    • 28 video lessons taught by Dr. Rosh
    • Includes examples, summaries, and checklists
    • Not specialty specific
  • Plus Uncommon Delights

$448$448 (1 Year)$448 (1 Year)

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  • Psychiatry Shelf Exam Qbank
    (500 questions)
    • Available as an individual Qbank for 30 or 90 days (Basic package)
  • Plus Uncommon Delights

$59 (30 Days)$99$59

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Uncommon Delights

All packages include these features

Personal Analytics Dashboard

Identify your strong topic areas, target knowledge gaps, and see your likelihood of passing the exam.

Free iOS & Android apps

Learn anytime, anywhere. Efficiently reinforce topics on your commute, while in line, and during downtime.

Evergreen Content

Content is regularly reviewed and updated with the most recent and relevant information.

Comprehensive Explanations

Focus on the information you need to know. It’s like having the highest-yield textbook by your side.

Custom Illustrations & Tables

“The most beautiful teaching images on the planet” help further reinforce the core concepts.

One Step Further Questions

An additional fact-based question and answer that fortifies your knowledge on the main topic.

Educators On Call

Personalized instruction from Content Education Experts who will help teach, uplift, and inspire you.

Speedy Support

Your questions are answered by people (not bots!) whose goal is to solve any problem you may have.

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Rosh Review is a no-brainer. It offers the combination of extremely high-quality content and a simple-to-use interface with a free app. Perfect for preparing for my shelf exam.


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Which package for medical students should I purchase?
You should choose the package that matches the exam you’re preparing to take.

For example, if you're studying for your final core shelf exam, the Shelf Exam Qbank in that specialty will sufficiently prepare you for the actual test rather than using the Shelf Exam Bundle (which includes content about other specialties).

Select the length of time you'd like your subscription to last (1 year, 90 days, or 30 days) and then the package that contains what you're looking for. Basic includes an individual specialty's Qbank, while Standard includes the bundle of all the Shelf Exam Qbanks, and Premium also includes the Peak Performance course.

Sign up for a free trial first to make sure you love your Qbank before purchasing.

If you don’t see a package that aligns with the exam you're preparing for, email for guidance.
What forms of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, and gold bars (just kidding—please don’t try this. It sounds heavy.)

If you’d like to pay with PayPal, send an email to for a payment link.
Can I use my subscription from multiple devices and locations?
Phone...laptop...tablet...yep! You can access your subscription from as many locations and as many devices as you want and have. However, we recommend starting and completing exams on a single device.

Keep in mind that sharing accounts is not allowed, so simultaneous logins are not allowed. Any abuse of the Terms & Conditions will result in cancellation of your account.

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