Sara Gibrael, PA-S

I love the questions, very detailed, well written and the pictures are great. The questions are tailored to the Content Blueprint seen on the PANCE exam. Thank you so much!!”

Karen Mulawa, PA-S

I am a first year PA student and I love the Rosh Review and wanted to thank you for the subscription! I really like the Rapid Review provided at the end of question explanations. It is a helpful tool to look over at the end of the explanation to remember the major points before moving on. I also like the diagnostic pictures and testing provided and the audio clips of murmurs and heart sounds. As a student, we really don’t get to hear them enough! Thanks again!

Elizabeth Evans, PA-S

Thank you for this excellent, excellent product. I’m a huge fan. Couldn’t do it without you! Your Rosh Review actually makes studying for EORs and the PANCE fun. Bravo!

Brian Lewis

Medical Student

Rosh Review is a no brainer. It offers the combination of extremely high quality content and a very simple to use interface with a free App. Perfect for preparing for my Shelf exam.

Aaron Kornhauser, MD

Resident Physician

As someone who used Rosh Review primarily to study for the In-Service, I did substantially better than last year. I wanted to thank my program director for purchasing it for us. Made a huge difference for me.

Ann Rodriguez, MD

Attending Physician

Using Rosh Review to prepare for the boards was an amazing experience. The content was spectacular, the interface was simple to use and the mobile App made studying on the go easy. My schedule is so busy but I always looked forward to Rosh Review. It made learning fun and I had no trouble passing my board exam.

Monique Smith

Medical Student

I needed to score well on my shelf exam so I was looking for a resource that would provide me with high yield content. Rosh Review was it. I completed a few questions each day and ended up scoring the highest shelf score for the rotation. Highly recommend this Qbank.

Jason Cho, MD

Resident Physician

After performing terribly on the In-training exam as an intern, I went through all of the questions in the Rosh Review Qbank during my PGY2 year and more than doubled my score on the In-training exam. Rosh Review knows how to take difficult to grasp topics and simplify them so you not only understand it better, but you remember it. 


Michael Buscher, MD

Attending Physician

I’m someone who learns best by doing questions, so I really enjoyed Rosh Review. The questions are high-yield and the detailed explanations are a huge benefit. It helped me to truly understand the topic and not just memorize it.

Joseph Marietta, MD

Attending Physician

I spent just short of $2,000 going out of town for a national course. I should have stayed home and studied only using your review. Thanks for an excellent product.

Evan Smith

Medical Student

I learn best by visual information so I truly appreciated all of the amazing images, diagrams, and tables embedded in the explanations. I can still recall so many of them even though it is months since I took my exam.

Susan Hadley, PA-C

I am not a technology savvy person but you’ve made Rosh Review so simple and easy to use. It was great to be able to access the question bank on my home computer and mobile phone….and I didn’t need any assistance in getting started. Thank you again for such a thoughtful product.