Michael Buscher, MD

Attending Physician

I’m someone who learns best by doing questions, so I really enjoyed Rosh Review. The questions are high-yield and the detailed explanations are a huge benefit. It helped me to truly understand the topic and not just memorize it.

Joseph Marietta, MD

Attending Physician

I spent just short of $2,000 going out of town for a national course. I should have stayed home and studied only using your review. Thanks for an excellent product.

Evan Smith

Medical Student

I learn best by visual information so I truly appreciated all of the amazing images, diagrams, and tables embedded in the explanations. I can still recall so many of them even though it is months since I took my exam.

Susan Hadley, PA-C

I am not a technology savvy person but you’ve made Rosh Review so simple and easy to use. It was great to be able to access the question bank on my home computer and mobile phone….and I didn’t need any assistance in getting started. Thank you again for such a thoughtful product.

Brian Meister, MD

Attending Physician

Studying for a board exam makes me so nervous. I know the material, but am a poor test-taker. The explanations in Rosh Review are so well written that I was able to truly understand the answer which boosted my confidence. I not only passed my exam, but I scored in the top 10%.

Julie Chen, MD

Resident Physician

I have such limited time during my day and could never find the time to study. Rosh Review allowed me to study in short bursts. I studied on the subway, waiting on line at the coffee shop, before I went to bed and between seeing patients. I actually miss it!

Peter Rosen, MD

“Father of Emergency Medicine”

Rosh Review is going to help you improve your knowledge and self-confidence as you approach board examination.

Matthew DeAugustinis, MD

Attending Physician

Just wanted to send you a heartfelt thanks! Just received my comfortably above passing score on the Initial Certification exam and I have you and your company to thank. Only when I started using Rosh Review last year for the In-Service did I see my scores start to rise considerably. You and your staff have been incredibly responsive and helpful through my two tours through the question banks (In-Service then the whole shebang for the Initial Cert).  Thanks again man!

Paul Testa, MD

Attending Physician

There are so many resources out there to prepare for the initial certification exam, just picking one can be stressful. I went with Rosh Review and was extremely satisfied. It is all you need. I did not attend a course or buy any other books. And yes, I passed.

Amy Rontal, MD

Attending Physician

As a practicing physician and mom, I had very little time to prepare for my ConCert® exam. Rosh Review was the perfect tool which allowed me to study whenever I could find a free moment and I easily passed the recertification exam.