40 Reasons Why Rosh Review Has The Best Customers

April 8, 2019
If you’ve emailed Rosh Review for anything, from requesting CME to asking for an extension or seeking clarification about which subscription to purchase, it’s likely that you and I have spoken. I’ve handled the majority of Rosh Review’s customer support for the past three years.

We operate with the mindset of equanimity, which means staying calm and composed, especially in a difficult situation. We’ve all had to contact a help desk at some point—maybe to deal with a health insurance issue (everyone’s FAVORITE) or an incorrect credit card charge, and tensions can run high. When you’re already stressed and have a less-than-positive interaction with an impolite customer service representative, you may end up feeling even more frustrated than you did before you contacted the company. Who hasn’t been tempted to hang up the phone in exasperation and (gently) hit their head on the desk?

Now think about it from the customer support viewpoint: you’re faced with hundreds of customer requests each day, and they’re not usually from people just wanting to say “hi.” If maintaining a kind and positive demeanor sounds easier said than done, you may be surprised to hear that Rosh Reviews customers are a pleasure to work with!

Rosh Review has thousands of subscribers across multiple specialties and training levels. Many of our customers are using Rosh Review during some of the most stressful times of their professional careers: their initial certification and, years later, recertification. Despite balancing heavy clinical workloads, maintaining CME, and the demands of personal life, our customers frequently display astounding equanimity in our interactions. They take the time to improve our questions when they spot a grammatical error (whoops!) or if they disagree with the content. If something goes wrong, they’re willing to help us troubleshoot by providing detailed incidences and screenshots. While most of our customer support issues can be resolved quickly with a few keystrokes, in those few difficult cases of identifying a possible bug, we rely on our customers for as much detail as they can provide to help us replicate and solve the issue.

In one example, a physician contacted us in June because she was having difficulty with her app: she was seeing the wrong image associated with the text in a question. After fixing that issue, she had further problems flagging questions to review at a later date. Despite writing that the situation was “so so frustrating,” she sent us three screenshots helping demonstrate her experience. I let her know that her issue was a top priority for us and continued to run through reliable troubleshooting steps.

After she graciously tried every suggestion I made with no resolution, I asked her to send us a screen capture video so we could see where things were going wrong. At this point, if I had been in her place I may have stopped responding or voiced my disappointment in the process. However, she provided a video, which helped our tech team prepare an app update to solve this problem. Once the new app version was downloaded, all of these issues were resolved. Thanks to her perseverance we solved an issue that she, and probably many other learners, were experiencing.

This kind of patience and understanding with disruptive technical issues proves our customers are exactly the kind of people you’d hope to be treated by in a medical setting.

We’re here to listen and recognize your needs as an individual in medical education, and we appreciate that our customers, in turn, recognize that there is a real person on the other end of our emails.

These quotes share some of the feedback we received in January, and honestly, I would give the praise right back and say thanks for letting us share in your success!

  1. Amazing support staff! Prompt response and so accommodating to my needs. Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Bravo! Great support—received a quick reply with thorough instructions. Thank you.
  3. Amazing service!! I would recommend Rosh Review to anyone (and their customer service) LOVE IT!!!
  4. Excellent experience with Rosh Review customer service and the product itself (online questions).
  5. Great service! Got back to me quickly and answered my question.
  6. Taylor was extremely fast to reply, with a clear, concise, and quick resolution to my subscription issue. It was so helpful and appreciated.
  7. Very professional and insightful!
  8. Awesome support—I was expecting a generic response but instead received a very detailed and thoughtful response that really helped clarify the question for me and my understanding of managing those patients. Much appreciated!
  9. Thanks for the rapid and comprehensive response!
  10. Thank you for your friendly, polite, and timely response.
  11. I’m extremely grateful for their offer to extend my subscription along with the timely manner in which my account was reinstated. Thank you!
  12. Thank you very much for your prompt response and support. I appreciate it!!!
  13. Dr. Lapin always provides excellent explanations and his clear and succinct responses to my multitude of questions has been immensely helpful.
  14. Great! Dawn is the best tutor out there for PA students!!!!
  15. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond!
  16. Thanks for putting in the time; I learned something from the email.
  17. Excellent educational product. Well-designed platform. Quick feedback with customer support. Lots to compliment on this project!
  18. Wish there was an “amazing” selection. You guys have been awesome with responding in a more than timely manner with an explanation!
  19. Taylor was great and helped me with exactly what I needed. She was quick to reply and the information was spot-on… much appreciated!
  20. I thought the support I received was terrific!!! I received a response to my emails within one day and my issues were immediately addressed by Taylor each time. I think this was a great review for my recert exam and I will definitely refer this review to all of my colleagues. Thank you for everything!!
  21. Thank you so much for working with me at this time in my life! You guys offer an amazing resource and have always been super helpful! Thanks again for all you do and for the amazing support team!
  22. Patrick was terrific in helping me figure out how to navigate Rosh Review. He also provided supportive encouragement in a stressful time. My thanks.
  23. Wow, fast prompt reply on a Saturday!?!? Unexpected, I’m impressed.
  24. Dawn was super helpful and quickly answered my questions. She also cared enough to see how I was liking the program and encouraged more questions if needed.
  25. Awesome service and experience! Thank you!
  26. Dawn always crushes it—I’d trust her to take care of my family just through her help with Rosh.
  27. This is the second time I have dealt with Taylor and she is always very helpful. Thank you Taylor and Happy Holidays!
  28. Wow, I was not expecting a personal and such a quick response. It is appreciated, I have an exam tomorrow morning 🙂
  29. Grace went above and beyond and really helped me out. She was wonderful and responsive. Thank you!!!
  30. Your team is amazing. They reply very quickly, so polite in their reply and really know what they do and say.  
  31. Taylor was very swift in reviewing my exam and sending out my certificate (just as she was the last time)! Will definitely be using Rosh again in the future.
  32. Excellent. Each time I have reached out I have received immediate and very professional support. Thank you.
  33. Taylor, thank you so much for helping me yet again! I feel so comfortable using the Help, I am always happy to get an answer so fast and a solution to my problem. Thank you again for everything.
  34. Taylor was really kind and helpful allying a lot of my anxiety about the test. This made Rosh Review feel less cold and more like an ally in the process. Thank you Taylor!!
  35. Grace was amazing. She really went above and beyond to help me with my issue and even reached out to my PA program professors to work out the issue. I was working on this issue since early July and I made no progress. With Grace’s help she solved my problem in a few days. Thank you again Grace!
  36. The response time was incredibly fast, and the resolution was extremely smooth! I’m beyond satisfied and grateful for the quick resolution to the problem. Thank you!!!
  37. Rosh’s customer service is top of the line. They respond within minutes regarding feedback to questions and inquiries. As a PA student, I appreciate how they go above and beyond to help me prepare the best I can for the PANCE. Their quick accommodation to an unexpected PANCE rescheduling was very helpful and thoughtful. In the future, I plan on taking advantage of the high quality of Rosh Review as a resource for the PANRE. Thanks Taylor.
  38. Quick and phenomenal service regarding my questions and concerns!
  39. This was 5 Star Service!!
  40. Excellent customer service, handled my issue quickly with resolution. I wish every product handled issues this well to the customers desired outcome! Thank you so much!!

By Taylor Lauzon

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