Self-Directed Learning

while learning remotely

Virtual learning allows you to continue teaching core content and hold conferences, small group discussions, and even board review sessions. With Rosh Review’s effective online content coupled with custom assessments, residents can stay engaged in their education from the comfort of their own homes.

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Visualize each question’s impact

Identify how well your residents and students answered exam questions based on the color in the heatmap. The darker the red, the more learners struggled with the question. Use this tool to identify specific questions to review with the group or find out which topics they’re confident about.


Track and analyze results

Track your residents’ and students’ performance to one another and to others throughout the country. Identify your strongest and weakest performers and trend their progress over time to easily identify those at greatest risk of falling behind or failing their exam.

Assessment Builder

Make your own exams

Create customized assessments to assign to your residents or students as remediation, during conference, or however you like. Easily assess learners’ knowledge by targeting specific topics, or create a generalized exam to identify weak areas.

Pass Guaranteed

Keep track of exam scores

We believe in your learners. If they complete all the questions in their package and don’t pass their exam, they’re guaranteed a free extension until they retake and pass.

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