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Pediatric Board Prep Questions

Pass your pediatrics exam (on the first try) with Rosh Review pediatric board review questions and beyond. All pediatrics prep questions include detailed explanations, teaching images, and more to make sure you perform your best on the day of your examination.

In-Training Exam

  • 1,800 ABP-formatted questions with explanations written with love
  • Follows the ABP Exam Blueprint
  • Reviewed and updated for 2023-24, including over 300 new questions!

General Pediatrics Certifying Exam

  • 2,000 ABP-formatted questions with explanations written with love
  • Fully reviewed and updated for 2023-24!
  • Follows the ABP Exam Blueprint
  • Achieve your dream of certification and earn CME

Pediatrics Maintenance of Certification

  • 2,000 ABP-formatted questions with explanations written with love
  • Fully reviewed and updated for 2023-24!
  • Follows the ABP Exam Blueprint
  • Maintain your certification and earn CME

Obesity Medicine

  • 300+ Obesity Medicine questions with explanations to help learners provide evidence-based care
  • Treat obesity and its complications through lifestyle, medical, and surgical interventions
  • Earn 30 AMA PRA Cat 1 CME credits!

Opioids and Responsible Prescribing

  • 40 questions covering opioid pharmacology, recognition and treatment of opioid toxicity and withdrawal, opioid use disorder, and responsible prescribing practices
  • Elevate your knowledge to new levels
  • Enjoy access for a full year

Shelf Exam Bundle

  • 500 NBME-formatted questions with explanations written with love
  • Fully reviewed and updated for 2023-24!
  • Follows the NBME Content Outline
  • Be a standout student in your clerkship
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Meet our Champion

Jessica Komlos, MD

Pediatrics Champion Rosh Review/Blueprint

Dr. Jessica Komlos is a dedicated Pediatric Hospitalist with a passion for providing quality medical care to children. With an academic background, including a Medical Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine and completion of Pediatric Residency at Johns Hopkins Children's Center, she has built a career in pediatric medicine. Throughout her career, Dr. Komlos has held various positions as a Pediatric Hospitalist. She has extensive experience in pediatric inpatient care, emergency room care, and neonatal care. Dr. Komlos has a deep love for learning and studying, which is why she finds great fulfillment in her role as a Pediatric Champion at Rosh Review. As a medical content editor for a board prep company, she enjoys utilizing her expertise to author questions and help students, residents and practicing physicians prepare for their board exams. This passion for continuous learning and education adds another dimension to her professional career, allowing her to contribute to medical education in a meaningful way. In addition to her role as Pediatric Champion at Rosh Review, Dr. Komlos is actively involved in medical education as a Clinical Associate Professor at Temple Lewis Katz School of Medicine and as the Inpatient Pediatric Sub-Internship Course Director. Outside of her professional endeavors, Dr. Komlos finds joy in spending time with her family and watching her children play sports. She values fitness and enjoys activities such as running, swimming and gardening to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. These hobbies reflect her well-rounded approach to life, balancing her passion for pediatric medicine with the enjoyment of family time and personal interests.

The Rosh Review Edge

What’s included in your subscription

Create a practice pediatrics exam by selecting the subjects you’d like to review, the number of questions, and either “tutor” or “test” mode. In tutor mode, you can review detailed explanations after answering a question correctly or incorrectly with teaching images and hyperlinked references to further solidify your knowledge before your test day.

Know Exactly What to Study
If you’re a resident looking for pediatric board review questions, save time figuring out what to study with ABP-formatted practice questions written just like the ones you’ll see on the actual pediatrics exam. All pediatrics prep questions are continuously being written, updated, and peer-reviewed by faculty, clinicians, and clerkship directors, so you can feel confident that you’re reviewing the most relevant and accurate information for your certification exam.
Track Your Progress
After completing practice exams, your personal analytics dashboard will show how many practice questions you’ve completed, illuminate any knowledge gaps, and predict your likelihood of passing your pediatrics exam, so you can focus on the topics that need the most work. If you’d like to review any specific prep questions from previous practice exams, simply use the built-in search feature to locate them quickly.
Boost Your Confidence
We believe in you, and we believe in Rosh Review. To boost your confidence before exam day, all question banks also include Educators on Call and a speedy support team to make sure all your bases are covered before your pediatrics exam Plus, if you’re using Rosh Review for pediatrics board review questions, your subscription also includes a Pass Guarantee—if you don’t pass your board certification exam, you don’t pay (or your subscription is extended for free until you do)!

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