How to Get the Most Out of Your Rosh Review Free Trial

August 28, 2023
If you have recently signed up for a Rosh Review free trial, congratulations on taking the first step towards achieving your exam preparation goals! Our Qbanks are written with love and are specifically tailored to help you pass your medical boards with flying colors. With comprehensive and up-to-date content, Rosh Qbanks ensure that you are well-prepared to tackle your exam with confidence.
You might be wondering about the best way to make the most of your Rosh Review free trial. We’ve got you covered! In this blog post, you’ll find actionable tips on how to optimize your Qbank over the next 7 days and help you make your final decision on which Qbank to choose.

The Importance of a Free Trial

Choosing the right resources for your exam prep is no small feat—after all, purchasing a Qbank for your medical boards costs more than money. Depending on the quality of the Qbank and the outcome of your exam results, it will either save or cost you time (and you know as well as we do that time is your most limited resource when it comes to high-stakes exams).

When deciding your exam prep resources, a free trial allows you to test-drive the platform and ensure that it aligns with your exam’s content blueprint and your study preferences alike. You can explore the depth and breadth of the questions, the quality of the explanations, and the effectiveness of the platform in tracking your progress. This hands-on experience can help you determine if the Qbank suits your needs and is worth the investment. 

Find some of the top features of your Rosh Review Qbank below, and scroll down to the bottom of the page for help deciding between other Qbanks you may also be exploring with a free trial!

How to Get Started With Your Rosh Review Free Trial

So, what’s included in a Rosh Review free trial? Your free trial includes access to hand-picked questions from your Qbank that you can use to create your own practice exams.

Most Qbanks average around 50 questions included in the free trial, depending on the size of the entire Qbank. These questions are pulled from each category to give you a full breakdown of the kinds of questions you’ll find in the full-access Qbank.

Your free trial includes access to all of the features you’ll find in your full Rosh Review Qbank subscription, just with fewer questions. While test-driving your Qbank, make sure to take advantage of the following features:

1. Create Your Own Practice Exams

One of the key features of Rosh Review Qbanks is the ability to craft custom practice exams. To create a practice exam, simply select “Create Exam” from the dashboard, name your exam, choose your desired number of questions, and pick the specific categories that align with your study goals.

When creating a practice exam, you’ll pick from either “tutor” or “test” modes—tutor mode allows you to view detailed explanations after answering a question, while test mode simulates a test-taking environment without explanations.

In tutor mode, not only will you see detailed explanations for both correct and incorrect answers, but also teaching images, hyperlinked references, a Rapid Review section on the question topic, and a One Step Further question to extend your knowledge.

2. Utilize the Personal Analytics Feature

One of the most valuable aspects of Rosh Review is the analytics dashboard located on your dashboard under the “Personal Analytics” tab. It provides you with a comprehensive overview of your progress by highlighting any areas of weakness, calculating your projected exam score, and predicting your likelihood of passing the exam. (Pro tip: This feature is the most accurate when you answer all of the questions in the full Qbank subscription!)

3. Connect with Educators On Call

At Rosh Review, not only do we provide speedy support for any Qbank issues, but you can also submit content questions while taking a practice exam (see below):

Educators on Call can clarify questions, discuss conflicting evidence, and suggest strategies to help you understand a question’s topic. These educators have been in your shoes before and can give insight that will help you answer a question correct the next time you encounter it!

4. Use the Search Tool to Find Previous Questions

To ensure easy access to helpful explanations, visuals, and specific topics, your Qbank also includes a global search tool. If you need to revisit a particularly challenging concept or want to review something you read a while back, simply use the search feature:

Keep in mind that the search results are limited to content you have already encountered, so no spoilers here! This tool is designed to assist you in reinforcing your knowledge and addressing any lingering doubts you may have.

5. Download the Free, Highly-Rated Mobile App

The Rosh Review mobile app is available for iOS and Android, allowing you to access your questions from anywhere in the world. With easy access to your Qbank and analytics features from your smartphone or tablet, you can learn anytime, anywhere, and optimize your valuable study time.

How to Choose the Qbank That’s Right for You

To get the most out of this trial period, it’s important not just to answer all of the questions and utilize the features of your Qbank, but also pay attention to the similarities and differences between the Qbanks you’re test-driving to see which one you like the best. 

When making your final decision about which Qbank to choose, here are just a few questions to ask yourself:

Qbank Content

Are your practice questions authored and peer-reviewed by clinicians, faculty, and program directors? Do they align with your exam’s content blueprint? Are you receiving detailed explanations for both the correct and incorrect answers to enhance your learning?

Software and Technology

Do you have the ability to create your own practice exams by question category? Does your Qbank have a search feature to easily go back to a previous question or image? Is there a free mobile app in addition to a desktop version?

Customer Support

How quickly do you receive a response when you reach out to support? Is the support team solely for troubleshooting your Qbank, or are there also educators to help you with understanding why an answer is correct or incorrect?

Learning Technologies

Does your Qbank allow you to incorporate learning techniques such as retrieval practice and spaced repetition? What about testing theories like classical test theory (tests that report your percentage correct) or item response theory (tests that identify underlying traits between all responses)?

Performance Data

Does your Qbank offer you analytics after you’ve completed your practice questions? Can you view your performance by category and compare with peers? Do you get a projected exam score and an estimated probability of passing?

To help you in your final decision, we’ve put together a comparison matrix below. Here’s how to fill it out:

  1. Narrow the Qbanks you want to compare to three. The incremental benefit of adding additional Qbanks to the evaluation is low.
  2. Rank the Qbanks using the criteria: 3 = excellent, 2 = average, 1 = poor.
  3. Add up the points in each column.

Ultimately, a free trial helps you make an informed decision, ensuring that you commit to a platform that can truly contribute to your exam success. We hope you find these tips useful on how to make the most of your Rosh Review free trial and make your final decision with confidence.

If you’ve enjoyed your Rosh Review Qbank and are ready to check out your subscription options, simply select your specialty to get started. Or, if you haven’t started a free trial yet, start your free access today!

No matter what you choose, we wish you the best of luck on your journey to board success!

– The Rosh Review Team

By Hannah Brauer

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