Secrets From a National Top Scorer - Podcast Ep 6 -

Secrets From a National Top Scorer – Podcast Ep 6

March 22, 2019
Ever wondered how people score so high on standardized tests and still find time to have a life? Are you looking for ways to add some oomph to your studying style and get your time’s worth? Look no further; this podcast has the answers.

Whether you’re a student, or resident.. whether you’re in a training program or already practicing, knowing how to learn better is a skill you must have, and I am here with our guests to help you figure out how you can do it.

I am your hostess Dr. Danya Khoujah, an attending physician and Assistant Professor in emergency medicine, with a keen interest in education. On this podcast, I will take you on a fascinating journey into the art and science of successful learning. This podcast and accompanying blog are not meant only for learners, but also for teachers and coaches. It’s for every single one of us because we are all life-long learners. I will not recite research and bore you to sleep, but I will share real-life stories of success.

I focus on health professions teaching because this is what I have been through and what I work with on a regular basis. Learning in the medical field is (in my biased opinion) all-encompassing; it involves learning a large amount of information, working with various types of information (including hands-on skills and techniques), and requires that you sit through intense and long tests, and in a lot of cases, retrieve knowledge on a moment’s notice in real-life situations, away from classrooms and computers. It involves so many facets of learning that I am sure you will find what you are looking for even if you are not in the medical field, and learn an extra thing or two along the way! The learning I talk about is not just about the classroom or the test, although we will definitely talk about techniques to ace those as well.

And if listening to this podcast brings on more questions about learning or teaching, send them to me – I would love to hear your questions.

By Danya Khoujah, MBBS

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