How to Use the Search Feature to Help Take the ABEM ConCert™ Open-Book Exam

April 23, 2020
Reviewed By: Amy Rontal
As an emergency medicine physician who sat for two ABEM Certification Exams, I am excited to see that ABEM has made the ConCert Exam online and open book amid coronavirus (COVID-19). Nonetheless, being able to access resources while taking the exam may not be any easier or lead to a higher score than taking the exam in a proctored setting. 

With this new format, it is important to adjust your strategy.

I want to show you how to use the Rosh Review Search Feature to help you cut through the noise and clear your path for a smooth, yet valuable experience with the ABEM ConCert Exam in 2020 (and beyond).

What you just saw was an example of how Rosh Review’s search feature unlocks a rapid, effective, and meaningful way to answer four questions on uncommon topics such as lightning injuries, Ellis fracture classification of tooth injuries, treatment of impetigo, and absolute lymphocyte monitoring in radiation injuries.

This system can be applied to any ABEM ConCert Exam online open-book question.

Emergency medicine physicians who are serving on the front lines during coronavirus are already managing significant psychological and emotional stress. Hopefully, using the Rosh Review Search Feature will reduce any added stress while you take the ABEM ConCert open-book exam.

Rosh Review continues to look for ways to support you. 

Thank you for your leadership and dedication.

Adam Rosh

P.S. Check out the library of examples to common topics on the ABEM ConCert Exam

By Adam Rosh

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