Introducing the Newest Live PANCE Review Course

April 14, 2023
With recent declining PANCE pass rates, it’s more important than ever to ramp up your PANCE prep and guarantee you pass the exam on the first take. To help you study for your exam with additional structure and accountability, the team of PAs behind the Rosh Review PANCE Qbank is now bringing their expertise to a new PANCE review course.
For those searching for a live PANCE review option that walks you through everything you need to know for the exam on an accelerated timeline, look no further. Meet the new, 4-day live PANCE Review Course from Rosh Review.

Who is the PANCE Review Course for?

The new PANCE Review Course is a four-day, online PANCE review experience with all-day live classes. The course is specifically designed for those looking to prepare for the PANCE in an intensive, guided format with additional accountability from PA instructors.

Think of a live review course as a comprehensive review for the PANCE in a short period of time that you can schedule into your PANCE study plan depending on what you need most to build your confidence. You can take the course at the beginning of your prep period to identify knowledge gaps and determine where you need to focus your studies when the course ends, or at the end of your prep period to solidify your knowledge before the exam and pass the PANCE on the first take. 

When should I take the PANCE Review course?

We recommend you take the PANCE Review course between one week to one month before your PANCE exam date. Taking the course at the beginning of your PANCE studying period provides a great refresher for content that will allow you to solidify knowledge that you recently encountered (and studied) during your last rotations, plus enable you to identify any areas of weakness to focus on during your PANCE prep.

On the other hand, taking the course near the end of your PANCE studying period will solidify the breadth and depth of content knowledge needed as you near your exam date. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get out of the course based on where it lands during your PANCE prep period:

When you take the course:What this timeframe looks like:
At the end of PANCE prepYou studied before the course, and your exam date is right after the course. You will solidify the breadth and depth of content you studied before the course.
In the middle of PANCE prepYou had some time to study beforehand and will have more time for studying after the course. You will solidify content for many areas, identifying areas needed focused attention to take you through the rest of your PANCE prep.
At the beginning of PANCE prepThe PANCE Review Course is the first major thing you will do in studying for PANCE. The course will give you a refresher on content, solidify your knowledge from rotations, and identify major knowledge gaps to focus on.

What are some of the key features of the course?

Live Course Experience
  • Four days of live classes hosted with two PA instructors to keep learning dynamic, conversational, and fun—you’ll stay engaged all day!
  • 30 hours of dynamic and engaging classes  (7.5 hours of content per day)
  • High-quality digital handouts including space for note-taking, visuals on high-yield information, and comprehension questions to reinforce your learning 
  • Access to live recordings and class materials for 60 days
Course Content
  • Curated NCCPA-style practice questions with comprehensive explanations from Rosh Review (newly updated to include 5-answer questions, just like the PANCE exam)
    • PANCE Diagnostic Exam (150 questions)
    • Full-length Mock PANCE Exam (300 questions) 
    • Daily Assessments on the material covered (120 questions total)
  • Detailed score report and performance analytics with each exam and assignment to identify opportunities to improve
100% Pass Guarantee
  • We believe in you, and with the PANCE Review Course, we’re confident you will pass your boards. But if you complete this course and don’t pass, we’ve got you covered with our refund policy.

Struggling to remember key topics during your PANCE prep? Download our FREE study sheet with mnemonics that our PA instructors use during our live PANCE/PANRE review course!

What is the schedule for the course?

Attendees will receive a daily PDF schedule for the course covering select topics from the PANCE content blueprint with a focus on high-yield content.

Below is a sample schedule for reference: 

When does the course begin?

The first cohort of the PANCE Review Course runs from June 12-15, 2023. If you’re not taking the PANCE yet but want to sign up for a future cohort, you can subscribe to get email updates on upcoming course dates.

How does this compare to other live review courses?

Compared to other programs, the new PANCE live review course is:

  • The only PANCE course with two PA instructors to help you learn faster
  • Powered by Rosh Review’s high-yield NCCPA-style practice questions, detailed explanations, and teaching images
  • Targeted to your individual strengths and weaknesses with access to Rosh Review’s advanced analytics dashboard—you’ll identify knowledge gaps in various high-yield PANCE topics
  • Designed with learning science principles and engagement in mind to help you learn faster 

Can I get an institutional group discount? 

If you’re a program director or faculty representing an institution, schedule a consultation with our team to learn more about purchasing this live course at a discounted rate for a group of students.

Where can I sign up for the new PANCE live review course?

You can learn more and sign up for the course here!

Rosh Review is the leading Qbank provider for PA programs across the United States. Whether you’re a pre-PA student or PA-C, Rosh Review has something for you along your PA journey. Start a free trial today!

By The Rosh Review Team

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