Introducing the PA Way: The Newest Podcast by Rosh Review

April 27, 2018
The PA Way, hosted by Allison Callahan, PA-C, is a weekly podcast with the goal to deliver high-quality, high-yield core content learning so you can be strong, fearless, resilient, and ready to take care of your patients and pass your certification exam. The PA Way will tackle a new topic every episode, covering the most valuable information to gain confidence and improve your knowledge. The PA Way takes a topic from presentation to application. Join us….you’ll be glad you did.

Hello and welcome to the PA Way. My name is Allison Callahan, PA-C, and I’ll be your host.  Let me start by saying, I love being a PA, it is rewarding and has become part of who I am.

Teaching is in my genes.

I was raised by teachers. My mom taught everything from grade school to GED classes for the locals that got laid off from the steel mill. My father was a professor at the local community college and retired after 40+ years of teaching. No one in my family worked in medicine, no one. No nurses, no doctors, and certainly no PAs.

For the last 15 years, as a PA, I have found amazing ways of connecting with my patients, their families, my students, and colleagues. I’ve carried on the family tradition of teaching by precepting students clinically, speaking nationally and working as a clinical instructor.

And it just keeps getting better. Now I have a new way of making connections… through RoshCast!  I’m excited to be a part of the Rosh Review team! Rosh Review manages complexity so you can experience simplicity, and that is the foundation for The PA Way.

Each week, The PA Way will tackle a different topic. We’ll start with presenting the topic, covering the most valuable information you need. Then, we’ll go over some Rosh Review questions and apply the information discussed.

The PA Way is taking a topic from presentation to application.

I invite you to join me for episode 1, where we’ll start by discussing liver disease. You can contact me, by emailing me at I would like to hear your feedback and suggestions for future topics.  Let’s start making connections through The PA Way. Thanks for listening.

By Allison Callahan

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