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Rapid Review: Megaloblastic Anemia

January 4, 2018

Reviewed February 2024

Macrocytic Anemia

  • Includes megaloblastic anemia, alcohol or liver disease, nutrient deficiency, reticulocytosis, drug-induced macrocytosis
  • Sx: fatigue, weakness
  • PE: pallor, glossitis
  • Labs: MCV > 100 fL and hypersegmented neutrophils
  • Most commonly caused by vitamin B12 (cobalamin), folate deficiency, direct ethanol toxicity
  • Only vitamin B12 deficiency results in neurological symptoms

Sample question:

An 84-year-old woman presents to the clinic with fatigue and weight loss for several months. She reports eating very little in her daily meals. A CBC shows a hemoglobin of 9.2 g/dL and mean corpuscular volume of 124 fL. Which one of the following findings would be expected on a peripheral blood smear?

By Yehuda Wolf, MPA, PA-C

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