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Take the PANRE-LA With the Rosh Review Team!

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March 11, 2024
Trying to decide between taking the PANRE vs PANRE-LA when it comes to PA recertification? You’re not alone—since the first cohort of the PANRE-LA launched in 2023, plenty of PAs approaching recertification are on the fence about which exam is right for them.
To help in your decision, we asked our team of PAs who are currently taking the PANRE-LA to give some helpful advice about taking the exam, using a Qbank, what surprised them, and more. Let’s dive in!

What is the PANRE-LA?

The PANRE-LA is an asynchronous, longitudinal exam that recertifying PAs can take as an alternative to the traditional PANRE. Rather than sitting for a single, four-hour exam like the PANRE, the PANRE-LA can span up to 12 quarters (2-3 years).

During each quarter, you’ll gain access to 25 questions with 5 minutes allotted to each question. You can complete the questions at any point during the quarter and use any device connected to the Internet, but questions do not need to be completed all in one sitting. Additionally, you can decide to skip a quarter altogether (up to four quarters total), allowing for greater convenience than the traditional testing method.

One benefit of the PANRE-LA is that it’s open book, so you can use any reference materials to help you answer each question within the 5-minute time window.

With such a short amount of time to find answers, we recommend using the PANRE-LA Qbank to quickly search and find relevant, accurate information while taking the exam.

Here’s a demo of how to quickly locate answers on the PANRE-LA using a Qbank:

For more information about the PANRE-LA, head to our other blog post, PANRE vs PANRE-LA: Which Exam Should You Take?

Take the PANRE-LA With Us!

This year, we have four members of the Rosh Review team taking the PANRE-LA! Hear all about their experiences and advice below:

Jenn Comini, PA-C

Passed the PANCE in 2016
Started the PANRE-LA in 2023

Why did you choose the PANRE-LA over the PANRE?

Great question! Life is stressful and busy enough as it is and it seemed like the PANRE-LA was the best way to prevent the recertification process from intruding on my life in a negative way. I didn’t have a high stakes exam to be anxious about/or study towards. Instead, I could move at my own pace.

What are some things that surprised you about taking the PANRE-LA?
  • This took me by surprise once and since then I’ve been much more cognizant of it going forward, but the area of medicine that I practiced in and have the most passion for (neurology!) is sometimes the most difficult for me to answer PANRE questions on. I attribute this to having to remind myself to take off my “clinical experience goggles” and make sure I’m thinking about what the exam/textbook wants.
  • In general, it was more straightforward than I was anticipating. Much less stressful than the PANCE!
What are your tips for taking the PANRE-LA?
  • Put the start and end dates for each quarter in your calendar. This helped me mentally have an idea of when new questions would be released and when I would plan to do them.
  • I aimed to complete my questions in one sitting and within the first two weeks that they were released so that I wouldn’t forget about them and wouldn’t feel rushed to complete them towards the end of the quarter.
  • Find a comfortable place to test in your home (or outside of it!). I suggest not using your bed so that you can keep your bed a safe haven for rest and relaxation.
  • Let your partner (or roommates, children, etc.) know when you’re planning on completing your questions so you can do so without distractions. 
  • Have your textbooks and websites open and ready before you start. The last thing you want to be doing is running around your home looking for an old review book or trying to reset your password for UpToDate because you can’t remember it while the clock is counting down.
  • Determine what the diagnosis is first before selecting the diagnostic study or treatment that is being requested. It’s easy to get swayed by the answer choices sometimes if you dive into them too quickly. 
How do you use the Rosh Review Qbank?
  • Practice questions to improve my test-taking skills. It’s truly amazing how much more confident you feel in navigating the material when you understand how the questions are set up.
  • Review questions on any topics missed during the PANRE-LA. The PANRE-LA will repeat missed topics in the subsequent quarter and then keep the better score. I know if I miss a topic that means I’ll have another opportunity to show that I do know it!

Ashley Love, PA-C

Passed the PANCE in 2015
Started the PANRE-LA in 2023

Why did you choose the PANRE-LA over the PANRE?
  • (I agree with Jenn.) The convenience of doing it on my own time was a big factor. Taking the regular PANRE test is only a few hours, but studying for it is time-consuming.
  • Furthermore, I appreciate the fact that is open-note and feels more like how I interact with content in practice (small bites or researching info as opposed to weeks of studying for one “moment”).
What are some things that surprised you about taking the PANRE-LA?
  • How much I look forward to the next quarter once completing the 25 questions. 
  • The questions are easier than I expected!
What are your tips for taking the PANRE-LA?
  • Let your family and friends know you are recertifying. Since you are not taking this at a testing center, it is easy to overlook what a huge accomplishment this is. Allow your friends and family to cheer you on! 
  • Set up your testing station each time with your testing device (I used my computer), charging cord, water, a snack, comfy socks, book references. I put my phone away since I typically use it for communication and not research (it’s a distraction). Doing this helps to set the stage for testing and helps me remain focused.
  • If you’re using online references, open them in individual tabs and ensure you are signed-in before each question. I like to use UpToDate. 
  • I like to take all 25 questions in one sitting. It helps me to focus on the task at hand. 
How do you use the Rosh Review Qbank?
  • Preparing to take the PANRE-LA, I took practice questions to help with timed test-taking skills and timed researching. 
  • While taking the PANRE-LA, I took additional practice questions on subjects that I frequently missed (and to help maintain the skills I learned above).

Dawn Miller, PA-C

Passed the PANCE in 2005 and the PANRE in 2010 & 2015
Started the PANRE-LA in 2024

Why did you choose the PANRE-LA over the PANRE?

I’ve taken the other one two times, so I felt like this offered me an opportunity to be able to give advice on how to do this one.

What are some things that surprised you about taking the PANRE-LA?
  • Lack of clinical correlation. For instance, there are best next steps that have one answer choice which is clinically irrelevant and not demonstrating best practices.
  • The view of the exam isn’t engaging.
  • Inability to move forward quickly. I’m not sure what the utility of dragging it out 2-3 years is. It’s a nice option for individuals to have flex time and flexibility but it would be nice to move through it more quickly, not to mention I think it would likely increase retention.
  • No engagement. When completing CME you fill out general thoughts, how you would apply to practice, etc. Instead there’s an email you can let them know any potential problems you had with the material, but no guarantee of a response.
What are your tips for taking the PANRE-LA?
  • Practice with a few questions ahead of time and see how long it takes you to “look up” information. 
  • See what sources work best for you. If you miss a couple in a row, pause and take a break. 
  • Go for the obvious answer—it’s not trying to trick you.
How do you use the Rosh Review Qbank?
  • Use the search feature for images.
  • I answer practice questions on topics I’m less confident in or familiar with.
  • Afterwards, I go back and answer the questions on the topics I missed.

Nadya Tsytsyna, PA-C

Passed the PANCE in 2017
Started the PANRE-LA in 2024

Why did you choose the PANRE-LA over the PANRE?

You’re able to complete it from home, know exactly what you will be tested on, pause the exam at any time, get immediate feedback after answering a question, and know how you are performing while taking the exam. Overall, it feels less stressful than the PANRE!

What are some things that surprised you about taking the PANRE-LA?

There aren’t any clinical vignette images to interpret, and lack correct/incorrect answer explanations.

What are your tips for taking the PANRE-LA?
  • When registering for PANRE-LA, use the email that you’re more often checking, since reminders will be sent to that email!
  • Look up on NCCPA key dates (dates when quarter starts and ends) and add them to your calendar with reminders, so you don’t miss the registration date.
  • Start doing practice questions in the beginning of the quarter instead of waiting until a few weeks before the due date.
  • Choose 2-3 resources that are most helpful for you and have them ready by your side during the exam.
  • If you have an opportunity, use two screens or two devices (one screen/device to complete each question, and the other one to look up information).
  • As soon as you open a question, read it and pick the best answer choice, so you don’t leave it unanswered in case you lose power or WiFi.
  • Review questions/topics you answered incorrectly from previous quarters to prepare for you future quarters. (Topics you got wrong will show up again and the highest score will be counted towards your cumulative score!)
  • I like to read lead-in questions first before reading the entire clinical vignette, so I know what information I need to answer the question.
How do you use the Rosh Review Qbank?
  • A few weeks prior to beginning your quarter, start making practice exams with 25 questions. This will help you feel more comfortable taking exams and focus on the topics you’re least comfortable with.
  • Explore the search feature to look up questions by topic. Rosh Review images helped me to answer at least 4-5 PANRE-LA questions so far!

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