Why We Love Our Customers: The Top Feedback Quotes of All Time

February 13, 2020
Last year, we wrote about how we have the best customers, and it’s still true. They not only stay calm during a stressful time in their lives, but they continue to send us some of the funniest, heartfelt, and most gracious messages. We can’t keep these notes to ourselves, so here are our favorite customer feedback quotes of all time. If you ever contact us, maybe you’ll make it onto a future list!

Good morning folks and I do mean it’s a good morning!! I PASSED my third attempt at the PANRE. It is also the LAST time I will ever have to take the bloody thing, EVER!! Thank y’all for the support and all the positive vibes. That and the ceremonial sacrificing of the chicken, behind the parking garage, on the way in. BTW, it was yummy after putting it on the grill later that evening. What! You think I’m kidding? I’ve been on unpaid leave for a month. I ain’t wasting a chicken. Anyway, I hope y’all get a warm, fuzzy feeling later today when I toast (with a fine, aged, Caribbean rum) you all, the good Lord above, all the angels and saints and, of course, the chicken. Take care everyone. Thanks again from the grumpy old dinosaur.

To get the full effect, watch the video!

Hello, I wrote to you a few months ago to see if Rosh Review provided a discount for students who failed the PANCE. You were graceful enough to extend my subscription for free until I retook the PANCE. I just want to thank you so so much because that was extremely helpful and I passed the PANCE the second time around! Failing an exam as pivotal, as the PANCE will surely knock most people down, but getting incredible support from people like you at Rosh Review plays a huge role in the success of providers like myself! So, thank you, thank you, thank you so much again!

Ok seriously—the speed and personalization of this response was stupid awesome. You guys are so, so great! I love that I learn from my Qbank AND from the feedback on questions! Kind of makes me want to ask questions on all the ones I don’t understand haha. Keep it up!!!

Good morning. I am writing this email to thank you the entire team that makes Rosh Review a great experience and especially Ms. Taylor Lauzon, who assisted me tremendously, especially in the times when I really needed the help most. I was recently let go from my employment as an ER PA. I didn’t pass my boards on my first attempt. I purchased additional questions to help me prepare for the test and did 3,000+ questions. Miles Davis once said, “Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.” This morning I found out I passed my NCCPA exam. If ever Rosh Review will need my assistance in any way possible, I will be available. Thank you again.

Amazing support, very prompt response at an ungodly hour where the call was coming from. I was not hopeful my inquiry was going to be picked up in time because I submitted it late on a Sunday night I had a response by 7 a.m. Monday morning. This is a great company!

I have never encountered a group so willing to help the customer. These guys are one in a million or more. I encourage all those interested in passing their complex examinations to give them a try. I have had several encounters and I can only say “They are Great!” I tried other organizations and have been disappointed in the treatment I have received! This outfit is very much the opposite. Try them. You will see!

From an email titled “Coolest Reply Ever”:
Damnit Adam, I love everything about Rosh. This is the best resource ever and I am going to buy the book. I freaking love Rosh, I really liked this first chapter. Everything you guys put out is gold. I plan on renewing this app for future PANREs. From your biggest fan, Dan

My name is Travis and I’m a new grad PA-C. I just wanted to say that the Rosh Review Qbank for PAs played a huge role in my success in passing the PANCE. Of all the Qbanks I have tried, I think that Rosh Review is the best. Answers to questions are explained clearly, graphic depiction of concepts are clear and organized, and the level of the question themselves are very appropriate in preparing for the PANCE. I would like to give back if I can, so if there is any opportunity for me to volunteer and help out writing questions or answers or do anything else, I would be more than happy to assist.

Dawn always crushes it—I’d trust her to take care of my family just through her help with Rosh.

Rosh’s customer service is top of the line. They respond within minutes regarding feedback to questions and inquiries. As a PA student, I appreciate how they go above and beyond to help me prepare the best I can for the PANCE. Their quick accommodation to an unexpected PANCE rescheduling was very helpful and thoughtful. In the future, I plan on taking advantage of the high quality of Rosh Review as a resource for the PANRE.

GREAT NEWS!!!! I passed the SPEX exam! I give full credit to the Rosh Review course. The material was extremely helpful for me to update my knowledge. Only thing is in the real exam the main body of question is extremely long with unnecessary information and certainly confusing and distracting from the main problem. I was very concerned about my performance, but I got 76% which is above 75% required to pass this exam and I am ECSTATIC! Thanks guys! I will recommend this to all who want to boost their confidence.

Our residents have found [Rosh Review] to be an invaluable resource as they take their boards. We once again have 100% pass rate but at higher levels than previous. I have very much appreciated the ability of Rosh Review to take suggestions from those of us in a residency program to help make the product user-friendly and applicable to teaching medicine in the 21st century.

Taylor is extremely helpful and takes the time to walk me through what I need, in a positive way. I am not what you would call a computer person and I appreciate her demeanor.

You guys are all seriously SO AWESOME!!! Not only did Rosh help me study effectively with the colorful diagrams, thorough explanations, the audio and video clips, but it seriously increased my confidence—something I definitely had none of before but is just as important to have when going into such a big exam like this. And now you’ve extended my subscription for 2 more days until my big test!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to contact us and provide feedback (and sometimes a laugh). We love hearing your success stories and will keep striving to provide you with the best Qbank experience possible!

By Taylor Lauzon

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