Announcement: A Step into the Future of Medical Education

November 9, 2021
Ten years ago, I started Rosh Review with the goal of helping learners believe in themselves and achieve their goals and dreams. Today, in further service of this mission, I’m excited to share with you that Rosh Review merged with Blueprint Test Prep.

This merger is a huge milestone, but it won’t change who we are, our values, or how we intend to serve you. It also won’t change your day-to-day learner experience. Everyone on the Rosh Review team will continue into this next chapter, and I will continue to lead as Chief Medical Officer. Most importantly, this merger will supercharge our ability to support your learning and deliver more value as we expand our offerings, increase product features, and embrace even bigger expectations from our learners.

At its core, Blueprint provides a personalized approach to education that combines engaging video lectures, unparalleled expertise in tutoring and study planning tools, and the latest learning management system technology. Imagine a future where anyone learning with Rosh Review Qbanks could supplement their studying with in-depth yet high-yield educational videos, one-on-one tutoring, and advanced analytics. Or conversely, where anyone engaged in Blueprint’s one-on-one tutoring could benefit from engaging in Rosh Review’s high-quality Qbanks to provide spaced repetition and retrieval practice to solidify their knowledge foundation. 

We believe that delivering high-quality content using advanced technology, while standing by your side throughout your learning journey, is the future of medical education—and our goal is to take a global leadership role in this future.

As a member of the Ribe (Rosh tribe), you have been key to our journey and I want to say thank you. We couldn’t have made it to this moment without you, and even more so, you are essential to our future. We will only realize our broader vision by continuing to support yours. Please reach out to if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

Adam Rosh, MD
Founder of Rosh Review

By Adam Rosh

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