Everything You Need to Know (For Now!) About the ABEM MyEMCert and ConCert™ Updates

March 12, 2019
Reviewed By: Amy Rontal
ABEM released an update about the MyEMCert, and I like what I’m reading!

In a nutshell
  • 8 presentation-based, topic-specific modules (for example abdominopelvic presentations) in addition to “recent advances” on any topic
  • You can access the exam remotely (from home, at a cafe, at work) and on your personal device (iPhone, Android, tablet, desktop, or laptop)
  • You can use any reference materials
  • You must take the assessments alone (no collaboration with colleagues)

The specifics

Each module (8 total) will consist of 30 to 50 questions, therefore, the entire MyEMCert will consist of 240 to 400 questions (almost double the ConCert).

You can select the order in which you take each of the 8 modules. Topics can be covered in any order.

There will be 3 versions of each module in any given year. So, if you do not pass one, you can retake another version of it (more on this below).

You pay for a single module, which gets you 3 attempts to pass it (which also means we are paying for 8 modules overall).

If you do not pass a module in 3 attempts (within a year), you can take another version of the module in the following year. However, it is not clear if you have to pay for that module again. The wording sounds like you will have to pay, since ABEM states paying for a single module earns you 3 attempts at passing it.

There will be a time limit to complete the module. You can take a break, play with your pets, or answer your child’s questions, but the test clock will continue to run. You cannot save and continue the module at a later time. So once you start…you are committed to your first attempt at the module. It is not clear how long you’ll get per module. For the ConCert, you are given 72 seconds per question, so for a 30-question module you’ll have 36 minutes and for 50 questions you’ll have 1 hour. This is likely the minimum. I’d expect more like 45 to 90 minutes…but we’ll have to wait for ABEM to let us know.

How do you know if you passed or failed the module?

ABEM says you’ll be informed “shortly after the module is submitted.”

What is the passing score?

We do not know yet.

If you fail a module, you can take a different version of the module immediately or at another time.

You’ll be provided feedback once you complete a module guiding you to the areas you should work on. ABEM describes this as “knowledge gaps.” My guess is ABEM will use the ABEM EM Model for this. For example, if you get a question incorrect on the management of atrial fibrillation with rapid ventricular response, your knowledge gap may look something like this: Cardiovascular > dysrhythmias > atrial fibrillation > acute management. But we’ll have to wait for ABEM for the official description of “knowledge gaps.”

You’ll be provided feedback after submitting the module, which will include the correct answer and the rationale for the correct answer.


2020: Approximately 1,200 ABEM-certified emergency physicians will participate in a 3–6 month pilot of MyEMCert. To participate, pilot participants must be in their first five years of certification.

You’ll need to pass 3 modules (remember, you get 3 attempts at each module).

If all goes well…

ABEM states they will go live in 2021!

What does this mean for you based on your certification year?

ABEM-certified emergency physicians whose certification ends in 2022 or later are eligible to use MyEMCert to maintain your certification.

The actual requirements for the real MyEMCert (remember, if your certification ends in 2022 or later)….

You are required to complete 8 modules by the end of your certification period.

If your certification ends in 2022, this means you have one year to complete all 8 modules.

If your certification ends in 2023, this means you have two years to complete all 8 modules. And so on.

ABEM Certification Years 1-5
ABEM Certification Years 6-10

When fully implemented, ABEM-certified emergency physicians will have to complete 4 modules during the first 5 years of certification and 4 modules in the second 5 years. Very similar to the LLSA model.

Speaking of the LLSA, if you complete MyEMCert, you do not have to complete the LLSA (too bad, that was a favorite of mine!)

Other items to maintain certification


Regarding the ConCert, according to ABEM, they are looking to add more test dates to increase flexibility to take the exam.

And…you’ll be able to use an “online external reference” during the ConCert. Whoa! It is unclear what type of reference. We’ll have to see what ABEM comes up with. 

Still to be determined

The cost of the MyEMCert modules and who will be able to enroll in the pilot.

Well…we are on our way to an improved certification process. As an emergency medicine physician, I am glad to see ABEM is making these changes.

For more information, please visit ABEM’s FAQ site.

You may also want to read the article “Do I Still Have to Take the ABEM ConCert Exam?”

Disclaimer: Rosh Review is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with ABEM. And I have no unique insight into the MyEMCert other than what is publicly available through ABEM’s website and emails sent to me as a certified emergency physician. 

Hope this helps!
Adam Rosh

By Adam Rosh

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