Deconstructing Board Review Questions

January 9, 2019
Today I’d like to introduce our new show from RoshCast called The Reveal. The purpose of The Reveal is to get inside the mind of the test taker and understand the thought process in answering difficult board-style questions correctly. In essence, we will identify the clues given to us in a question, connect how they are related, and use them to arrive at the correct answer. I see The Reveal as the missing ingredient to studying and excelling on high-stakes exams.

We know that multiple-choice questions are the cornerstone to retrieval practice—a powerful strategy to improve learning. And if we layer on the Reveal, which takes you inside the mind of the test taker, you can become a better student, transform how you learn, and excel not only on high-stakes exams but also in your general medical knowledge.

Are you ready to join me on this educational endeavor? Let’s go.

By Adam Rosh

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