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Dr. Aubri Carman, Winner of the EMRA/Rosh Review One Step Further Award

February 15, 2019
We are proud to announce the 2019 winner of the EMRA/Rosh Review One Step Further Award as Dr. Aubri Carman of Maricopa Medical Center.

The One Step Further award is given to a resident who exemplifies the ideals of continuous learning and self-improvement, and who takes it upon themselves to go “one step further” to improve a weakness or accelerate a strength.

Dr. Carman has a passion for self-improvement as well as global health, which stems back to medical school. She was a distinguished Doris Duke Clinical Research Mentorship Fellow in Mulago Hospital Kampala, Uganda, where she studied sickle cell anemia. Since then, she has continued her work with patients worldwide.

In his letter of support, Dr. Carman’s program director, Dr. Michael Epter, said, “Aubri spent her PGY1 and PGY2 elective time in completion of an internship at the World Health Organization (at headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland), during which she helped write the WHO Basic Emergency Care course, (2) the WHO Trauma Systems Assessment Tool and (3) the WHO Emergency Care Systems Assessment Tool. She presented this work as two posters at the biennial International Conference on Emergency Medicine in Cape Town, South Africa. As a result of this exceptional work, she has been offered a consultant position within the organization which will begin during her PGY3 elective and continue as an attending upon graduation. This is an incredible accomplishment to be participating and being an active contributor to this work at such an early part in one’s career.”

“Aubri is a special, unique resident and individual whom I have had the privilege of training. In 13 years as Program Director, it is not often that you have the opportunity to produce a true ‘triple threat’ graduating resident – excelling as a clinician, educator, and published researcher. Aubri will fit this as she will continue her work within Global Health and make a significant, lasting impact on the international stage as her career unfolds.”

Dr. Carman was awarded $1,000 for her excellent work.

By Adam Rosh

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