Elite Test-Taker Profile: Jennifer Bach, D.O.

March 1, 2017

Q. Do you have a specific pretest breakfast?


Q. Do you have any night-before-the-exam routines?

Quit studying at least a few hours before I plan to sleep.

Q. What do you bring for lunch during your exam?

Peanut butter sandwich, Mountain Dew

Q. Do you have any strategies that you employ during the exam (e.g. Answer particular questions first, answer hardest questions last, etc)?

After I finish a test or section of a test I start back at the beginning and review every question again.

Q. Describe your most effective study strategies.

Making short flashcards for everything I want to memorize.

Q. Do you listen to music while you study?


Q. Which of the following types of media do you currently use to study?

Review books, podcasts, and question banks

Q. Do you study in groups?


Q. How do you avoid distractions while you are studying?

No specific strategy.

Q. Do you highlight textbook text when studying?

Yes. In blue and green.

Q. How far in advance do you begin to prepare for a major standardized exam?

1-2 months.

Q. Is there anything else you think is important to mention regarding high performance on a standardized exam?

Lots of practice questions while studying.

Jennifer Bach, D.O. is an Emergency Medicine physician, Director of Advance Practice Provider Operations, Associate Director of Medical Student Education at University Hospitals, Cleveland Medical Center. 

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By Adam Rosh

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