Introducing the New Mock Emergency Medicine Shelf/Clerkship Exam

September 7, 2018

The Mock Emergency Medicine Shelf and Clerkship Exam contains 100 questions and comprehensive explanations to help you prepare for both the NBME Advanced Clinical Exam (ACE) and the SAEM National Emergency Medicine Clerkship Exam. The Mock Emergency Medicine Shelf and Clerkship Exam is best suited for medical students who are looking to excel in their EM clerkship.

Categories covered include classic topics such as pneumothorax, subdural hematoma, and acetaminophen overdose with a few “zebras” to keep you on your toes.

Here is an example of what a question and explanation looks like

Example of What a Question and Explanation Looks Like on the Mock Emergency Medicine Shelf and Clerkship Exam
Organophosophate Poisoning

Other resources available for your emergency medicine clerkship include PreTest Emergency Medicine and Case Files Emergency Medicine – both are authored and edited by Adam Rosh, MD. There is no overlap in content – meaning – all content in Rosh Review is new and not found in the PreTest or Case Files series.

A great place to start for medical students interested in emergency medicine is EMRA.

Another excellent resource is Zac Olsen’s EM Clerkship blog and podcast

And don’t miss the amazing emergency medicine board review podcast, RoshCast, which brings you lean, high-yield emergency medicine content.

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A bolus of confidence. A lifetime of knowledge.

By Adam Rosh

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