Introducing the Rosh Qbank for the Internal Medicine Shelf Exam

by Adam Rosh, MD

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The Internal Medicine Shelf Exam Qbank is now available for medical students preparing for their Internal Medicine Advanced Clinical (Shelf) Exam.

Topics are compatible with the actual NBME® Internal Medicine Advanced Clinical Exam.


  • General principles 5-10%
  • Immunologic disorders 1-5%
  • Diseases of the blood 5-10%
  • Mental disorders 1-5%
  • Diseases of the nervous system 5-10%
  • Cardiovascular disorders 10-15%
  • Diseases of the respiratory system 10-15%
  • Nutritional and digestive disorders 10-15%
  • Female reproductive system 1-5%
  • Renal, urinary, male reproductive system 5-10%
  • Diseases of the skin 1-5%
  • Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders 1-5%
  • Endocrine and metabolic disorders 8-12%

Physician task

  • Promoting health and health maintenance 5-10%
  • Understanding mechanisms of disease 5-10%
  • Establishing a diagnosis 35-45%
  • Applying principles of management 40-50%

Site of care

  • Emergency department 20-30%
  • Inpatient 70-80%

Patient age

  • 17 to 65
  • 66 and older

The Internal Medicine Shelf Exam Qbank contains 500+ questions, comprehensive explanations, custom teaching images, and One Step Further Questions/Answers.

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