New Participating Program in the Rosh Global Foundation: EM Residency Program in Laos

December 16, 2019
Twelve programs currently benefit from the Rosh Global Foundation, the most recent being the University of Health Sciences Emergency Medicine Residency Program in Vientiane, Laos (officially Lao People’s Democratic Republic, or Lao PDR). This program will graduate the first class of 8 residents in August 2020.

Graduates of the Lao PDR EM residency program will be the leaders of EM in the country by spearheading practice and training in their home hospitals. And EM continues to grow in Lao PDR with the formation of the Lao Society of Emergency Medicine (LaoSEM). Now Lao PDR can become a part of larger organizations like the Asian Society of Emergency Medicine and the International Federation of Emergency Medicine. 

The Rosh Global Foundation aims to change the face of access to medical education. With improvements in technology, wireless connections, and devices around the world, we want to increase availability to high-quality study materials to medical trainees globally.

The Rosh Review question bank will further help the University of Health Sciences EM Residency Program with resident assessment when a program coordinator is unavailable and when much of the assessment will need to be done remotely. We’re honored to be involved in this program that will directly impact the health of the people in Lao PDR.

Find out more about the Rosh Global Foundation participating programs, and if you’re interested in applying, fill out this form.

By Adam Rosh

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