New Quiz for a Cause: Interpersonal Violence and Sexual Assault

December 2, 2019
We’ve released our new Quiz for a Cause to address one of the world’s most pressing health crises. Last year, we tackled human trafficking; this year, interpersonal violence and sexual assault. In this free quiz, learn to recognize the signs of sexual assault and interpersonal violence in your patients and understand the steps you should take to help them, regardless of your medical specialty.

First of all, without our amazing team of Quiz for a Cause authors and editors, this series wouldn’t be possible. The team’s hard work is truly inspiring.

More often than we know, one of our patients is a victim of sexual violence. This free module provides important and high-yield information on various aspects of sexual violence. Learn how to identify and screen victims of sexual violence, including red flags and key historical and physical clues. Learn how to best care for and refer victims of sexual violence, both in the acute and chronic setting. Learn about the various types of sexual violence (e.g., rape, sexual assault, drug- and alcohol-facilitated sexual assault). Learn how and when to involve law enforcement, and so much more.

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Your patients need you. Take the Quiz for a Cause today.

By Adam Rosh

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