New Rosh Global Foundation Participant: EM Training Program in Ethiopia

July 16, 2020
The newest program participating in the Rosh Global Foundation is the Emergency Medicine and Critical Care (EMCC) Training Program at Addis Ababa Burn Emergency and Trauma Hospital in Ethiopia. Since the program’s establishment in 2015, more than 52 residents have begun training in EM, and 8 specialists have since begun working at emergency centers in Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa Burn Emergency and Trauma Hospital was inaugurated as a public hospital in 2015, and it is one of the first in Ethiopia with an entire trauma and burn unit. The hospital has multiple departments, and the EMCC department was established to provide patient-centered quality care, run innovative training programs, and perform problem-solving research in the areas of emergency, trauma, and related fields. Its aim is to elevate the care provided to its patients and transform the training provided in the program. All of the graduates from the EMCC department are involved in setting up new programs, research, and leadership.

Rosh Review will be an invaluable tool to further improve evidence-based medical training to the EMCC program, both as a tool for free open access medical education and for CME. We are honored to be involved.

The Rosh Global Foundation aims to change the face of access to medical education. With improvements in technology, wireless connections, and devices around the world, we want to increase availability to high-quality study materials to medical trainees globally.

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By Adam Rosh

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