Conversations: EPISODE 4

(Almost) Everything You Want to Know About COVID-19

April 14, 2020

Normally on this show I sit down and talk to leaders from various backgrounds such as medicine, business, and entertainment to learn about their successes and failures, ideas and ambitions, and most valuable lessons they’d like to share with you.

However in this episode, the tables are reserved and I am interviewed by Vinny Vallarine, the host of The Unlatched Mind podcast.

We had a 1-hour comprehensive discussion including the science, economics, and path forward during coronavirus (COVID-19). 

This is an excellent discussion that takes a deep dive into COVID-19 with topics that will not be covered by cable news.

Vinny did an incredible job hosting the show and directing the conversation.  

I encourage you to listen and can assure you that you’ll gain a much deeper understanding of COVID-19 and be better prepared for what’s to come. 

For those of you who want to go to the original episode, you can find it at

By Adam Rosh

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