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The Rotation Exam – Pediatrics, available to Physician Assistant students and programs, is best suited for PA students looking for a focused, high-yield review for the end of your rotation. It joins our growing list of Rotation Exams, including Rotation Exam – Family Medicine, Rotation Exam – Internal Medicine, Rotation Exam – Emergency Medicine, Rotation Exam – Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, and Rotation Exam – Women’s Health. This content is novel and not included in Rosh Review’s PANCE Qbank, Mock exams, or Power Packs.

Topics for the Rosh Review Pediatrics Rotation Exam are based on the national curriculum blueprint.

Categories include the following:

  • Dermatology (15%)
  • ENOT/Ophthalmology (15%)
  • Cardiovascular (10%)
  • Pulmonology (12%)
  • Gastrointestinal/Nutritional (10%)
  • Endocrinology (3%)
  • Infectious diseases (12%)
  • Psychiatry/behavioral medicine (6%)
  • Neurology/developmental (6%)
  • Orthopedics/rheumatology (5%)
  • Urology/renal (3%)
  • Hematology (3%)

Content is organized by task:

  • History and Physical (15%)
  • Diagnostic studies (10%)
  • Diagnosis (25%)
  • Health maintenance (10%)
  • Clinical intervention (10%)
  • Clinical therapeutics (20%)
  • Scientific concepts (10%)

Here is an example:

Since these categories and tasks are integrated into our improved performance and feedback page, you have access to robust data to help you fine-tune your studying.

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  1. Roshni B Patel
    January 7, 2019

    I would like to purchase the pediatrics Physician Assistant practice EORE, but I cannot find the link to do so.