Announcement: Rosh Review PA is Moving to Blueprint’s Powerful Platform This Summer

April 15, 2024
After more than two years since Rosh Review merged with Blueprint Prep, we’re thrilled to finally announce that Rosh Review PA products will be moving to Blueprint’s award-winning educational platform in July 2024! Build your knowledge with all the same Rosh Review content you know and love, now combined with Blueprint’s industry-leading test prep experience, perfectly calibrated for your success.
In this post we’ll dive into what’s new, what’s the same, and how this change will enhance your learning experience as you navigate the PA journey.

Why Move to Blueprint?

In November 2021, we announced that Rosh Review is now a Blueprint Prep company, a decision rooted in a shared vision of advancing medical education from day 1 to your last day on the job. With the medical landscape evolving over the past few years, we recognize the need for continuous innovation in how you experience our products, too.

Blueprint is the expert in industry-changing learner experiences, keeping you engaged and retaining more with live courses, taking the guesswork out with the easy-to-use customizable study planner, and helping you get better faster with analytics that pinpoint your areas of weakness. Since joining forces in 2021, we’ve incorporated Blueprint’s expertise into our newest PA products, including PA tutoring, a smart PA study planner, and the PANCE/PANRE Live Review Course.

With these new launches in addition to our tried-and-true Qbanks, the move to Blueprint PA will offer a more cohesive learning experience with all of your products in one place*, along with an enhanced user interface.

*Active learners will remain on the current Rosh Review platform until the end of your subscription. Any renewals or new purchases after the move will be on the Blueprint platform.

What’s Moving to the Blueprint Platform?

Here’s what you can expect to move over to the Blueprint platform.

The Same Rosh Review Content…

  • Qbanks & Practice Exams: Thousands of practice questions written with love, including detailed explanations for correct and incorrect answers, Rapid Reviews, hyperlinked references, and a One Step Further bonus question for every stage in the PA journey.
  • Beautiful Illustrations: Memorable medical illustrations created by our team to ensure learning is quick and easy.
  • Speedy Support: Expert support from our team of standby PAs to help guide you through tricky topics and boost your confidence.
  • Personalized Analytics: Tailored to your strengths and weaknesses, including a performance breakdown by category, likelihood of passing, and projected score.
  • Global Search: Quickly recall key information by searching for a concept in your Qbank.
  • Inclusivity: Questions and images all follow the guidelines of our evolving inclusive language guide.

…On the Enhanced Blueprint Platform

  • Engaging User Experience: The same questions, with improved functionality on a sleek new platform.
  • Advanced Analytics: Your dashboard will include the same analytics as the current Rosh Review platform, plus exam score trends over time to visualize your progress and the ability to go back and review correct and incorrect answers at any time.
  • Blueprint Live Experience: The PANCE/PANRE review course will have all the power of Blueprint’s signature dual-instructor engaging live course, now with Blueprint’s smart study planner where you can access your class for a seamless, next-level experience.

What Does This Mean for PA Learners?

In short, current learners will still have access to the same high-quality content, analytics, and expert support that you know and trust from Rosh Review.

After the migration to Blueprint PA, you’ll be able to enjoy these same features (and more!) on the enhanced Blueprint platform.

A Synergy of Content and Technology

More than 200,000 of you have trusted us with your exam prep for the past 12 years. Now, let us prepare you for the next step of the PA journey with unwavering commitment to your success.

With the same practice questions you know and love on an enhanced learning platform, combined with live course experiences that mirror Blueprint’s renowned standards, we’re excited about the future of Blueprint PA. 

Thank you for being a Rosh Review learner. As always, if you have questions about your current or future Qbank, feel free to reach out to for speedy support.

– The Rosh Review Team

By The Rosh Review Team

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