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Rapid Review Book for PA Students

June 3, 2019
After more than a year of hard work, Rosh Review is proud to announce what we consider to be the best Rapid Review book for PA students. Now it is time for you to weigh in…

Learning and education is a dynamic process, one that is never ending. Once we commit to a life in medicine, we commit to a life of learning. The Rosh Rapid Review book is best suited to serve as an adjunct to your medical education. It is not meant as a primary source, rather it should help you organize your thoughts and provide ancillary knowledge for a more robust education. I am counting on you to not just regurgitate facts, but rather, paraphrasing Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, to learn how it all works.

We are privileged to be in the role of caretaker and thus have a responsibility to our patients to be the most knowledgable we can be. Use this book on your learning journey. At some point, you will grow out of it. But in the mean time, I hope the hard work by the dedicated Rosh Review team can play just a small role in helping you reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

Advantages of the Rapid Review Book
  • Every NCCPA Blueprint topic covered
  • A treasure chest of custom teaching images
  • Perfect companion to the Rosh Qbank
  • Personalized notes section
  • eBook format compatible with all devices
  • Global search for any term
  • Access anywhere, anytime

Below are sample pages. Want to see more? Get your free chapter.

Coarctation of the Aorta
Paronychia Teaching Image
Pheochromocytoma Teaching Image
Mumps Teaching Image
Hookwarm Teaching Image

Get your free chapter today.

By Adam Rosh

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