Rosh Review Sponsors and Supports TIME’S UP Healthcare

March 2, 2019
Adam Rosh, Time's UP Healthcare
I was inspired and energized at last night’s launch of TIME’S UP Healthcare at the New York Academy of Medicine. I was there as an emergency physician who witnessed gender discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace, as a father who wants my daughter and son to grow up in a world that treats them as equals, and as sponsor to support and partner with the women who came together to launch TIME’S UP Healthcare.

But it’s not just their fight.

The primary targets of oppression and harassment should not be responsible for changing the systems that oppress them. Those of us with positions of power and privilege, who have benefitted from decades of inequality and discrimination, can help lead the change.

As a man, emergency medicine physician, and owner of Rosh Review, I want to not only cosign this movement and be an ally to it, I want to use my position and power to be a co-conspirator; I want to help create a new healthcare system that is equitable, free of discrimination and harassment, and fair in terms of salary and compensation. We can and should recognize that humanity, dignity, and equity are values central to any position in healthcare.

You do not need any special permit, badge, or degree to promote change. All that is required is for you to care enough to make change happen. So, c’mon. The time is now. Time’s UP Healthcare!

By Adam Rosh

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