Announcing the New Family Medicine Qbanks for the ABFM Content-Specific Modules

April 9, 2018
Announcing the release of Rosh Review’s ABFM Qbank dedicated to preparing you for the ABFM Modules. 

This paragraph is taken from the ABFM website:

“The ABFM Certification Exam consists of four equal sections of 100 minutes. Each section contains 80 multiple-choice questions. The candidate will choose a content-specific module (we have you covered) at the beginning of the second section of the examination. The first 40 questions of that section will cover the module topic, and the following 40 questions will cover the breadth of family medicine. The first, third, and fourth sections of the examination will also cover the entire field of family medicine.”

In addition to our popular Family Medicine Board Review Qbank, which contains 2,200 questions and comprehensive explanations (referred to as “the most beautiful explanations” ever written), we are releasing Qbanks for the eight ABFM content-specific modules.

These modules include:

(1) Ambulatory Family Medicine

(2) Child and Adolescent Care

(3) Geriatrics

(4) Women’s Health

(5) Maternity Care

(6) Emergent/Urgent Care

(7) Hospital Medicine

(8) Sports Medicine

When you take the certification or recertification exam, you are required to choose two ABFM elective modules to complete, as well as the main sections of the exam that are covered by the blueprint.

In April 2017, ABFM changed the administration of the certification exam, and the modular portion of the exam will change from a two-module to a single-module format. According to ABFM President and CEO James Puffer, M.D., the change is based on analysis by ABFM psychometricians that indicated the use of the one-module format will likely prove more beneficial to family physicians’ exam performance than the previous model.

The Rosh Review ABFM Modules contain 50 questions each and allow you to identify which modules you perform the best in. This is the best way to be prepared for your ABFM family medicine certification exam!

To learn more about Rosh Review’s Family Medicine Board Review questions, sign up for a free trial. Give it a try, see what you think. 

By Adam Rosh

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