The Rosh Reveal: EPISODE 8

Can You Identify the Best Test to Confirm or Exclude Osteomyelitis?

March 11, 2019
Welcome to the next episode of The Reveal, where we take you inside the mind of a test taker to deconstruct and connect the dots of a board-style question so you can become a better student, transform how you learn, and excel not only on high-stakes exams but also in your general medical knowledge. Let’s get started.

A 5-year-old boy presents to the emergency department complaining of right hip pain. He is febrile and refuses to bear weight on the right foot. There is no history of trauma. X-rays are obtained and are unremarkable. Which of the following diagnostic tests would best confirm or exclude a diagnosis of osteomyelitis?

A) Blood culture

B) Complete blood count with differential

C) Erythrocyte sedimentation rate

D) Serum glucose

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By Adam Rosh

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