The Rosh Reveal: EPISODE 9

Which of These Findings Is a Red Flag When Associated With Low Back Pain?

March 18, 2019
Welcome to the next episode of The Reveal, where we take you inside the mind of a test taker to deconstruct and connect the dots of a board-style question so you can become a better student, transform how you learn, and excel not only on high-stakes exams but also in your general medical knowledge. Let’s get started.

A 38-year-old man presents to the emergency department with low back pain that began this morning when he rolled over in bed. Throughout the day, he tried ibuprofen and acetaminophen without relief, which prompted him to come to the emergency department for further evaluation. Which of the following historical findings is an indication for further investigation?

A) Fever

B) Intentional weight loss with diet and exercise

C) Palpable paraspinal muscle spasm

D) Prolonged use of oxycodone

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By Adam Rosh

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