What Is the Likelihood of Passing Your PANCE or PANRE?

January 19, 2018
Over the last few years, we compiled real-world scores from thousands of individuals who took the PANCE and PANRE exams. Using this data to aid learners in self-assessment of their preparedness for the PANCE and PANRE exams, we developed a proprietary algorithm using a regression model and standard correction factor to convert your Rosh Review performance to a projected PANCE and PANRE exam performance and probability of passing the PANCE or PANRE.

score graph
score projection image

In the past, we applied an earlier version of the model to emergency physicians preparing for their recertification exam (ConCert™) and demonstrated a 98.8% accuracy in predicting that a user would pass their board exam. The mean difference between Rosh Review’s predicted score and the user’s actual score was 2.5 points (95% CI 1.4–3.6).

Find out your chances of passing the PANCE or PANRE with Rosh Review. Start with a free trial.

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