Rosh Review for Family Medicine Residencies

Rosh Review is a leading provider of remote-learning residency tools—question banks, program director dashboards, and assessments.

What is included in an institutional subscription to Rosh Review?

Resident Access

  • 2,000 ABFM-formatted questions, explanations, and visual learning aids
  • Performance tracking
  • Access to Rosh Review’s on-call physicians
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Program Director/Faculty Access

  • Resident performance tracking and analytics
  • Program performance tracking by ABFM category
  • Resident and program performance comparisons within the program and nationally
  • Separate Rosh Review Assessments including an Intern Assessment, the 27 RCR Assessments, content-specific modules, and a 240-question Mock ITE Exam
  • Assessment Builder

The RCR Assessments

In association with AFMRD/STFM, Rosh Review created 27 special RCR assessments that align with the RCR curriculum. You can assign these to residents and review as a group to provide an active learning environment.

Facilitate resident engagement and self-directed learning

Rosh Review’s online Qbank is one of the most effective tools residents can use to stay engaged in core content education. Residents can access content on their own from the comfort of their homes on their preferred devices.

Performance tracking makes it easy for residents to identify the ABFM category areas they are struggling in and create a personal study plan.

Pro tip: Set expectations for residents to complete a set number of questions in the ABFM categories that align with your curriculum.

Conduct virtual board review

Help your residents continue to prepare for their exam by conducting virtual board review using Rosh Review’s assessment features.

A presenter, whether it is a faculty member, chief resident, or resident, can share their screen while all of the residents on the virtual conference listen to the speaker review questions. It could look something like this:

Remediate at-risk residents

As your residents engage with content in their Qbank, all of the data will be fed into your virtual PD Dashboard and recorded. This will identify residents at risk of falling behind and provide data for your clinical competency committee to use for accreditation with the ACGME.

Once you’ve identified residents who are performing below average in specific areas of the ABFM content blueprint you can remotely assign them additional assessments as a form of remediation.

For example, if three of your residents are scoring below the program mean in nephrology, simply assign a block of 20 nephrology questions and comprehensive explanations and measure their performance. All it takes is a few clicks!

Self Study Performance

Supporting you and your residents through distance learning

Thank you for the sacrifices you, your residents, nurses, and entire clinical staff make on a daily basis to protect and care for our families and friends. Your work inspires us to creatively use our strengths to support your needs in this changing environment.

Please reach out to us at to sign up, or let us know if we can remove any obstacles you experience as you transition to remote learning.