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Opioids and Responsible Prescribing

Opioids and Responsible Prescribing


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  • 40 questions covering opioid pharmacology, recognition and treatment of opioid toxicity and withdrawal, opioid use disorder, and responsible prescribing practices
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Opioids and Responsible Prescribing + CME


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  • 80 questions covering pharmacology, recognition and treatment of opioid toxicity and withdrawal, opioid and substance use disorders, and responsible prescribing practices
  • 8 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™ fulfill new DEA prescribing requirements
  • Enjoy access for a full year
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Uncommon Delights

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Questions & Explanations

Written and designed to help you understand the core concepts. Questions are just like you'll see on the actual exam, while explanations and illustrations focus on the essential information.

Personal Analytics

Give you a well-rounded perspective of your progress by illuminating any weaknesses, solidifying your strengths, and predicting your likelihood of passing the exam, so you can focus on the topics that need work.

Visual Learning

“The most beautiful teaching images on the planet” help you further reinforce the core concepts. Visuals allow you to focus on meaning, group similar ideas, and make better use of your memory (and they're great to look at, too).

Educators On Call

Personalized instruction from Content Education Experts who have been where you are and will help teach, uplift, and inspire you. It's like having a personal tutor!

Speedy Support

Messages are answered by actual people—not bots—whose goal is to help and support you (with cheetah-like speed). Anything you need, we're here.

Built-in Search

Want to revisit a helpful image or explanation? The search feature can help you quickly locate it. But you won't find any spoilers here—it searches content you've already seen.

Group Discounts

Have a group of 10 or more? Assemble your classmates, colleagues or other enthusiastic learners and find out more about group subscription discounts.

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