Become a Rosh Review Peer Leader

Help your community build medical knowledge before the Shelf Exam / Step 2CK

As a Rosh Review learner, not only do you have access to high-yield medical knowledge with your Shelf Exams / Step 2CK Qbank, you also hold another bank of knowledge—your own personal experience.

Becoming a Rosh Review Peer Leader empowers you to take your knowledge one step further and help your friends and colleagues plan, prepare, and pass their shelf exams and Step 2CK—all while earning valuable leadership experience before residency.

What is the Rosh Review
Peer Leader program?

The Peer Leader program is more than just an ambassador program. You’ll take on a leading role in your community and give your peers the resources they need to identify and fill their knowledge gaps during clerkship, establishing yourself as a subject expert and educator.

Here’s what you’ll do

  • Engage your community with exclusive resources provided by your Peer Leader mentor—elevate your colleagues’ experience in any way you see fit, whether it’s a study group or resource-filled emails.
  • Boost your colleagues’ confidence through communal support and act as a resource center as they build medical knowledge.
  • Gain crucial leadership experience that won’t just help you during medical school, but will give you an edge when you interview with your top residency choices.

You’ll unlock some perks along the way

  • Personal promo code that gives your colleagues a 30% subscription discount
  • $10 for every referred sign-up using your personal promo code
  • Senior Peer Leader membership to Rosh Review products after 55 referrals (see details below)
  • Educational resources from your Peer Leader mentor about community engagement and digital marketing
  • Virtual events with guest speakers including Rosh Review CEO Adam Rosh, M.D. and Damian Apollo, M.D.

Senior Peer Leader status

After 55 referrals, you’ll be promoted to a Senior Peer Leader. In this role, your referral bonus will increase to $15 per referral and you will receive membership to Rosh Review from shelf exams through recertification.

You’ll get free access to the following Rosh Review products ($3180 value):

  • Shelf/Step 2 CK Qbank (for all 7 core specialty shelf exams) ($349)
  • Mock Shelf Exams (for all 7 core specialty shelf exams) ($343)
  • In-Training Qbanks for each year of residency ($796)
  • Mock In-Training Exams for each year in residency ($196)
  • Certification/Qualification Exam Qbank with CME until you pass your boards ($499)
  • Mock Certification Exam ($99)
  • Peak Performance ($898)

*If your institution already provides Rosh Review, you will receive only the products not already included in your program’s subscription.

Who is eligible?

To be considered for the Peer Leader program, you should resonate with the following statements:

  • You’re an active Rosh Review learner who stands shoulder to shoulder with your colleagues as you prepare for your shelf exams and Step 2CK
  • You're a medical student who has completed your clerkship, currently in clerkship, or about to enter your clerkship rotations
  • You’d like to play a role in elevating medical education at your institution
  • You believe it is a privilege to interact with and care for individuals
  • You’re always learning and self-improving
  • You pay attention to detail and want to deliver the highest-quality resources to your colleagues
  • You want to build a community founded on trust, and you recognize that you can get more done together

Ready to
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