Qbank Learning for Internal Medicine

Rosh Review Qbank learning and the PD Dashboard

How Qbank learning transforms resident education

We asked residents who used Rosh Review to prepare for their boards what they thought about Qbank learning. Here’s what 1,010 of them had to say:

  • Are distance learning resources (like question banks) important for your learning experience as a resident? 97% said YES
  • Please describe in your own words the value a question bank plays in your education. 88% of all responses fit into three categories:
    • 50% Boosts knowledge confidence
    • 15% Provides time-efficient learning in a resident’s busy schedule
    • 23% Helps to identify and fill knowledge gaps between clinical experience and the boards
  • Did Rosh Review help build your confidence in the information you were tested on in the Certification Exam? 89% said YES

National survey results

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For PDs and faculty

You will receive access to the PD Dashboard, where you can identify residents’ knowledge gaps and help with remediation. Here are a few highlights:

  • Performance tracking – Track each resident by the ABIM blueprint category and sub-category
  • Custom assessments – Create your own assessments from 2,000 ABIM-formatted questions
  • Premade assessments – Assign an additional 800 questions in pre-made assessments such as the popular Intern Assessment and 300-question Mock ITE.
  • Heatmap – Turn assessment results into an engaging teaching tool

The PD Dashboard

Watch this 2-minute summary with Dr. Adam Rosh, CEO and former program director.


Rock your In-Training

  • Follows the ABIM Certification Examination Blueprint
  • 2,000 ABIM-formatted questions (All New!)
  • 2,000 Comprehensive explanations (All New!)
  • 2,000 One Step Further questions and answers (All New!)
  • Personal analytics dashboard
  • iOS and Android App
  • Rosh On Call™
$199 / 1 year
$149 / 90 days
$129 / 30 days
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