Our Questions

You will have access to our exclusive database of questions that mimic the actual exam.

We stick to the standardized testing format designated by board specialties. This means no negatively phrased questions, no all of the following except, no A and B…you know what we mean. Questions are based on the most commonly tested topics found on the actual exam.


Our Explanations

Every question contains a detailed explanation for the correct answer choice that is derived from authoritative resources with a little personal input to simplify the material and synthesize it for greatest comprehension and recall…we call this the whip cream. Moreover, our question writers include background information about the correct answer topic that provides just the right amount of context. Content is updated on an on- going basis to edit any oversights and assure accuracy of the content.


Our Strategy

We start with the highest quality content and integrate proven educational techniques to improve comprehension and optimize recall.

Each learning point is flanked by supporting content to help understand concepts as opposed to memorizing facts. High yield points are bolded to identify the most critical characteristics of a topic. Multi-media is incorporated into the explanation to augment understanding. After each question explanation, the One Step Further question serves as a reinforcement for the corresponding topic.

Our Promise

We will always strive to present the highest quality, highest yielding information that will provide the necessary edge in preparing for your exam.

As a side effect, we also hope to deliver education to a generation of clinicians. We wish you luck and hope we can play just a small part in all of your successes.

Mobile learning

Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace

Rosh Review is web-based and accessible from your desktop, laptop, tablet or any mobile device. Spend a few minutes working on questions while standing in line at a cafe or dig in and spend a few hours going through questions at home.



Know where you stand at all times

Keep tabs on your performance, track your progress through the question bank, easily identify your strengths and weaknesses, see how you perform relative to other users around the country, and see your likelihood of passing the actual exam.

Program Director’s Dashboard

Track, Analyze, and Interact

The Program Director’s Dashboard provides a 50,000 foot view of your group. Spot trends, identify strengths and weaknesses, assign remediation, and monitor assignments.


Easy-to-Use Testing

We create high quality educational content, perform assessment and analytics for individuals and organizations and deliver it through an easy-to-use web-based interface.

Creating Human Connections

See what motivates us to keep working hard for you.