Metrics, Analysis and Dashboards: Intuitively Built, Remarkably Powerful

As a program director, gain better insight into how your students, residents and program are performing. With Rosh, it’s easy to track key performance measures, spot trends, initiate remediation and highlight successes.

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Track usage and analyze results.

Track your residents and students performance to one another and to other residents and students throughout the country. Identify your strongest and weakest performers and trend their progress over time to easily identify those at greatest risk of falling behind or failing their certification exam.


Identify gaps in your curriculum.

Identify gaps in your program’s curriculum and see how you compare to other programs throughout the country. Learn which areas in your curriculum require the greatest improvement and identify the highest yield areas to focus on.

Focused Learning

Create, assign, and review core content quizzes in congruence with your curriculum and conference schedule.

Every category from your nationally-established curriculum is covered. Incredible convenience to assign minitests in test or tutor mode and the ability to assign for a future date.

NameDate AvailableUsers AssignedUsers completedOverall Performance
Intern Assessment Exam7/1/2015424272%
Mock In-Training Exam7/1/2016424278%
Gastrointestinal minitest7/1/2015424288%
Cardiovascular minitest7/1/2015424284%
Dermatology minitest7/1/2015424291%
HEENT disorders minitest7/1/2015424290%
Hematology/Oncology minitest7/1/2015424281%
Immune system disorders minitest7/1/2015424285%
Infectious disease minitest7/1/2015424287%
Trauma minitest7/1/2015424289%
Pediatrics minitest7/1/2015424279% 
Nervous system disorders minitest7/1/2015424293%


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Use conference to complete quizzes as a group and see which residents or students are picking the correct answer or falling for the distractors.


Record your residents or students progress through the question bank and manage assignments. Track their likelihood of passing the certification exam.

NamePGYCumulative performancePGY Program averagePercentage completeUnique questions answeredTotal questions answeredProbability of passing exam
Rich Ortner379%85%55%66078389%
Deonna Freudenburg265%78%25%30042375%
Penelope Blackerby269%78%37%444 56779%
Lucilia Luis159%65%44%52865169%
Shena Carlino388%85%59%70883198%
Jalisa Carlino378%85%61%73285588%
Rickie Endsley170%65% 71%85297580%
Sharmaine Verge166%65% 52%62474776%
Antonetta Justin176%65% 61%732855 86%
Ralph Kern391%85%49%58871199%
Eduardo File285%78%44%52865195% 
Gayle Copper284%78%58%69681994%

Trend Exam Scores

Keep track of in-training exam scores.

Keep track of in-training exam scores to identify how residents and student are trending over time and how each class compares to one another.

Creating Human Connections

See what motivates us to keep working hard for you.